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Title Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awardssort ascending
Backstage 1986 Photography toned gelatin silver print
Billiard Balls 1986 Graphics mixed media
Bird Watcher 1986 Ceramics glazed earthenware with engobe, stain, and glaze
Black-and-White Rhythms 1986 Ceramics low fire clay and wood
Bob's Place 1986 Ceramics low fire clay
Brittle Heart 1986 Graphics woodcut
Cindi 1986 Photography gelatin silver print
City Poet 1986 Painting mixed media
Clay Tray 1986 Ceramics low fire clay, underglaze and overglaze colors, and lusters
Cleveland Greenhouse 1986 Photography infrared print
Come on Down 1986 Ceramics low-fire clay, watercolor, chalk, and pencil
Competition: For Frederick 1986 Painting wax, powdered pigment, and oil
Contained Emotion #3 1986 Textiles mixed media
Contrary Theses (For Wallace Stevens) 1986 Painting egg tempera
Creature of Prophet 1986 Graphics Graphite
Dance Series 1986 #2 1986 Painting acrylic
Dancing Split Leaves with Seeds 1986 Ceramics porcelain
Dark Monday 2 Tuesday 1986 Painting acrylic
Deco Rainbow Pendant 1986 Jewelry and Metalwork opal, diamonds, and gold
Downtown Dancin' 1986 Photography
Dream of Foreign Lands 1986 Graphics woodcut
Dusk 1986 Graphics intaglio
Earl and Betty 1986 Photography gelatin silver print
Ebb and Flow 1986 Graphics electrostatic and thermal color transfer
Ellipsis Suite: #10 1986 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors
Ellipsis Suite: 8 1986 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors
Envelope Vase 1986 Ceramics low fire clay
Europe Revised 1986 Enamel or Glass silver cloisonne enamel
Fancy Nancy - Happi Coat 1986 Textiles mixed media
Figure in the Shape of a Meditational Device 1986 Ceramics stoneware
Fish Vase 1986 Ceramics porcelain
Flor de Plata 1986 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver
For Jackson 1986 Textiles cotton, polyester, silk and dye
Ford Fairlane 1986 Photography hand-colored print
Four of Diamonds 1986 Textiles quilted satin, silk, and lame
Freedom Fan 1986 Ceramics porcelain
Gator Bowl 1986 Enamel or Glass glass
Gemini 1986 Painting mixed media
Glacier 1986 Sculpture wood and linoleum
Graffitti III: Scraps and Scribbles I 1986 Enamel or Glass enamel and stitchery on felt
Graffitti IV: Scraps and Scribbles II 1986 Enamel or Glass enamel and stitchery on felt
Greenhouse, Stan Hywet, Akron, Ohio 1986 Photography infrared print
Harlequin 1986 Painting acrylic
Hedgegate #6 Enter East 1986 Graphics oil pastel
Hexaemeron 1986 Textiles cotton
Hunter 1986 Graphics oil and pastel
I am smiling 1986 Painting colored pencil and oil
Impressions: Europe #226 1986 Graphics acrylic and Prismacolor
Inside #2 1986 Photography
Interior Number One 1986 Photography