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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort ascending Medium Awards
Haystack/Tree/Landscape #1 1977 Photography hand-colored silver print Special Mention
The Passage East 1977 Photography $500 Award
Untitled 1977 Photography Special Mention
Untitled 1977 Photography Special Mention
St. John's Cathedral, Providence, Rhode Island, 1810, No. 6 1978 Photography $500 Award
Untitled I 1978 Photography Special Mention
Bop 1979 Photography sepia-toned Special Mention
Colorado No. 2 1979 Photography hand-colored $500 Award
Creeping Sedum 1979 Photography Special Mention
Section 21 1979 Photography Special Mention
Toronado 1979 Photography Color Special Mention
Untitled 1979 Photography Special Mention
Untitled 1979 Photography Special Mention
Homage to Edward Hopper 1980 Photography
Nite Light No. 1 1980 Photography
Omar's Grief 1980 Photography
Ribbons No. 2 1980 Photography color Xerox on rag paper
Room and Photograph 1980 Photography
Time Sequence, Akron Coach Car 1980 Photography
Wood/Paper/Stick Installation at Yale, 1979 1980 Photography
A Dream That You Tell No One 1981 Photography hand-colored Special Mention
Birthdaze Drawing #16 1981 Photography $500 Award
Girl with Umbrella 1981 Photography hand-colored, salt print Special Mention
Mexican Palms 1981 Photography dye transfer print Special Mention
Ribbons & Toys #2 1981 Photography color Xerox Special Mention
Suburban Garden #2/Parma, Ohio 1981 Photography
Suburban Garden #3/Parma, Ohio 1981 Photography Special Mention
4 Doors and a Window 1982 Photography Special Mention
Dried Beans 1982 Photography Special Mention
From the "Demeter Series" 1982 Photography Special Mention
Unadorned 1982 Photography hand-colored Special Mention
Beach #2 1983 Photography ektachrome Special Mention
Bottles 1983 Photography hand-tinted $500 Award
Grass and Snow 1983 Photography Special Mention
Historic Landmark West, San Diego: Hotel del Coronado 1983 Photography Special Mention
Old Window I 1983 Photography Platinum print Special Mention
Philadelphia 1983 Photography Special Mention
Sandy Rosen 1983 Photography Color Special Mention
Still Life with Eggs 1983 Photography hand-tinted $500 Award
Untitled I 1983 Photography Special Mention
Untitled II 1983 Photography Special Mention
Almost All Gray 1984 Photography kodachrome/ektacolor print Special Mention
From the "Colored Pleasures" Series: Green Tree 1984 Photography $500 Award
Jersey Shore 1984 Photography gelatin silver print Special Mention
Wall Hanging 1957 Embroidery First Prize
April 1947 Illustration First Prize
Heaven Bound 1947 Illustration First Prize
Modern Design 1947 Illustration First Prize
October 1947 Illustration First Prize
Researcher 1947 Illustration Honorable Mention