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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Winter Scene 1943 Water Color
Winter Scene 1947 Water Color
Winter Scene 1948 Illustration
Winter Scene 1948 Water Color
Winter Scene 1960 Photography
Winter sanctuary 1941 Water Color
Winter Roofs 1931 Illustration
Winter Road, Cleveland 1920 Photography
Winter River 1985 Textiles mixed media
Winter Reverie 1971 Photography
Winter Respite 1943 Water Color Honorable Mention
Winter Reflections 1949 Water Color
Winter Quarters 1933 Water Color
Winter Preview 1948 Pottery, Unique
Winter Plays a Tune 1963 Photography
Winter on the River 1947
Winter on the Farm, Warrensville, Ohio 1920 Oil Painting
Winter on the Farm, Kirtland, Ohio 1919
Winter on the farm 1942 Water Color
Winter on the Farm 1947 Water Color
Winter on the farm 1949 Water Color
Winter on Riverside Drive, New York City 1923 Second Prize
Winter on Fairhill Road 1950 Water Color
Winter on Fairhill Rd. 1945 Water Color
Winter of 1933 1933 Water Color
Winter Nude 1944
Winter Nocturne 1936 Water Color
Winter night in pilot knob 1949 Water Color
Winter Night 1941 Honorable Mention
Winter night 1942
Winter Night 1951 Water Color
Winter Morning in the City 1955
Winter Morning 1936 Freehand Drawing
Winter morning 1944 Water Color
Winter Mooring 1951
Winter Moonlight, near Cleveland 1920 Oil Painting
Winter Moonlight - Stole 1955
Winter Moon 1951 Water Color
Winter Mood 1928 Freehand Drawing Honorable Mention
Winter Migration 1957
Winter Memento 1949 Water Color Honorable Mention
Winter light 1941
Winter Leaf 1958 Enameling on Metal
Winter Landscape, Night 1922 First Prize, Penton Medal for Excellence
Winter Landscape, near Chagrin Falls, Ohio 1921 Oil Painting
Winter Landscape, Chagrin Valley, Ohio 1921 Etching
Winter Landscape, Belford Glens, Ohio 1921 Oil Painting
Winter Landscape '59 1959
Winter Landscape 1938
Winter Landscape 1925 Water Color