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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
A Set of the Ten Commandments - 1-5 1933
A Set of the Ten Commandments - 6-16 1933
A Shady House 1929 Pastel First Prize
A Sheltered Approach, Woodstock New York 1919
A Shower in Sligo 1933 Water Color Second Prize
A Shower of Gold, Lakewood, Ohio 1921 Oil Painting
A Sicilian Shop 1924 Water Color
A Sick Day in the Country 1948 Ceramic Sculpture
A Sketch for a Decorative Panel 1927 Decorative Painting: Any Medium Second Prize
A Small Table 1988 Other Crafts painted wood
A Small Town in Ohio 1944 Water Color
A Song Softly Sung 1957
A Spanish Church 1926 Oil Painting
A Spanish Street 1928 Water Color
A Spare 1955
A Speck of Love in Death's Eye 1988 Painting oil and acrylic
A Spinning Toy for Mr. B. 1979 Enamel or Glass sterling silver, fine silver, and cloissone enamel
A Spring Afternoon 1921 Oil Painting
A Spring Day 1935
A Stage of Life 1953 Etching and other Intaglio Processes First Prize
A Stands for Aardvark 1942 Illustration: Any Medium First Prize
A Steel Truster 1927 Water Color
A Still Life 1929 Water Color
A Stilled Life 1960
A Strange Secret 1981 Photography hand-colored
A Street in Le Revest 1927
A Street in Settignano 1933
A Street in Tours 1926 Etching
A Street Scence, Frederick, Maryland 1920 Oil Painting
A Study 1926 Freehand Drawing
A Study 1929 Freehand Drawing
A Study 1932 Honorable Mention
A Study 1935 Pastel
A Study 1949
A Study in Green 1930
A Study in Ice and Snow 1933
A Study in Light and Shade, Cleveland 1923
A Study in Line 1953 Third Prize
A Study in Space 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
A study of Miss C. 1921 Photography First Prize, Portrait, Penton Medal for Excellence
A Study--Portrait 1919 First Prize, Penton Metal for Excellence
A Summer Ramble 1948 Illustration
A Sunday Afternoon 1934 Etching
A Sunday Afternoon at River Road 1922
A Sunny Day 1949
A Sunny Day in Venice 1925
A Sunny Winter Window 1930 Third Prize, Landscape and Miscellaneous
A Symphony of Tone 1940
A Tale of Notley Abbey 1934 Book Binding
A Taos Church 1932