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Title Artist(s) Yearsort ascending Category Medium Awards
White Vessel with Triangle 1986 Ceramics low fire clay and underglaze graphite
Without Judgment 1986 Painting oil
Worms Wanted 1986 Ceramics glazed earthenware with engobe, stain, and glaze
Young Man 1986 Photography gelatin silver print
A Pair of Chairs 1986 Other Crafts Mixed media Special Mention
Batakoto 1986 Graphics woodcut and screenprint
Black Zaba Waits: #1 from Fan Suite 1986 Jewelry and Metalwork etched copper and sterling silver
In Homage to Nora Crow 1986 Textiles quilted cotton
Kalevala 12418 1986 Sculpture wood and paint Special Mention
Little Creatures 1986 Enamel or Glass glass
S. L. P. #5 1986 Graphics Screenprint Special Mention
Seniors - St. Petersburg, Florida 1986 Photography infrared print
Birth of Venus 1986 Sculpture mixed media
"And Give Us this Day, Our Daily Bread…" 1985 Other Crafts wood
"He whose beauty is past change" 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
"Sequences #2: From the Kitchen" Bracelets 1985 Jewelry and Metalwork Mixed media Special Mention
"The Jazz Series" Tea Set 1985 Painting acrylic
2 Tables 1985 Ceramics ceramic and glass
23 Skidoo 1985 Painting oil
Adjustable Art 1985 Jewelry and Metalwork acrylic and metal pins
AM Platter 1985 Ceramics earthenware with slips and glazes
Americana in Stone - Southern Style 1985 Painting oil
Among the Reeds 1985 Painting mixed media
Ancestral Pinafore II 1985 Textiles Mixed media Special Mention
Anomaly I 1985 Painting oil
Apple 1985 Graphics colored pencil and acrylic
Art Is 1985 Painting mixed media
Artifacts 1985 Textiles mixed media
Ash Glaze Basket 1985 Ceramics Porcelain Special Mention
Autumn Festival 1985 Other Crafts pewter and thread
Baby Wants Bottle 1985 Ceramics Porcelain Special Mention
Back Yard 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Ballbearing 1985 Painting acrylic
Barbar's Graduation 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Barred Plate 1985 Ceramics porcelain and bamboo
Basement Madonna 1985 Ceramics porcelain
Basket #2 1985 Other Crafts handmade paper, reed, and wire
Basket: Patterns, Colors, and Forms for Lovers 1985 Ceramics stoneware with engobes, glaze, pencil, and paint
Bastille Day 1985 Painting oil
Beatrice 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Birthday Cake Buddha 1985 Graphics casein and oil pastel
Black Houses 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Black Tie Dinnerware 1985 Ceramics porcelain
Blue Horizons 1985 Ceramics stoneware
Blue Sea Light #2 1985 Textiles Mixed media Horace E. Potter Memorial Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship
Blue/Green Coiled Pitcher 1985 Ceramics stoneware with overglazes Special Mention
Bolt Out of the Blue 1985 Painting Latex enamel Special Mention
Box 1985 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and oak
Bracelet 1985 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, gold, ebony, and garnets
Breakfast of Champions 1985 Ceramics low fire clay with high gloss glazes