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Title Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awardssort ascending
Objects in a Pond 1967 Graphics aquatint
Red Nara and Ebony Box 1967 Enameling & Glass enamel and foil on copper
Sylphine Box 1967 Enameling & Glass silver, gold, enamel, and ebony
Sculptured Coffee Table 1968 Other Crafts carved wood
Slab Pot No. 1, stoneware 1968 Pottery and Porcelain
Untitled No. 1 1968 Sculpture synthetic rubber
Untitled No. 3 1968 Sculpture synthetic rubber
"I am the Vine" 1969 Enameling & Glass silver cloisonne over ebony wall cross
Box 1969 Enameling & Glass cloisonne on silver over wood
Kandy, Ceylon; Cleveland; Kent; Provincetown 1969 Textiles, Any Medium hanna fibre
Procrastination in Pink 1969 Enameling & Glass silver cloisonne over ebony box
Space Walk 1969 Painting acrylic
Executive's Paperweight 1971 Enameling & Glass silver cloisonne enamel on copper and walnut
No. 204 Glass 1971 Enameling & Glass glass
Trinket Box 1971 Enameling & Glass oak box with enameled inset, brass wire decoration
Light Cube No. 1 1972 Electrical
Overland-$695 1972 Painting latex
Night Critters 1987 Enamel or Glass blown and sandblasted glass
Arabica 1988 Other Crafts painted wood
Chagrin River Valley: Landscape Assembly with Marsh 1988 Photography hand-colored gelatin silver print
Charm Necklace 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork copper and bronze with patina
Pisces First Picnic 1988 Textiles
Sterling Charm Necklace 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, African beads, and stones
Another City Rises 1989 Sculpture oil, acrylic and wood
Centennial Hall Table 1989 Other Crafts wood, painted wood, and granite
Disaster Blanket (Religious Warfare) 1989 Textiles wool, linen, and silk
Ontare 1989 Other Crafts mixed media
Pharaoh 1989 Sculpture cedar, leather and aluminum lamination
Color Blocks III 1990 Textiles cotton
Cygnet Settee 1990 Other Crafts cherry and wenge woods and hand-printed fabric
Passage 1993 Photography gelatin silver print (pinhole camera)
Birth of Venus 1986 Sculpture mixed media
Brownskin 1928 Photograph
Ellen Pratt 1930 Photography: Portrait
Homeward Bound 1930 Photography: Miscellaneous
Man, the Pygmy 1930 Photography: Miscellaneous
An Industrial Portrait 1931 Photography: Portrait
Into the Sun 1931 Photography: Portrait
Winter Gems 1931 Photography: Landscape
An Industrial Dream 1933 Photography: Miscellaneous
Keyboard of Industry 1933 Photography: Miscellaneous
Slag Pile 1933 Photography: Miscellaneous
Still Life 1933 Photography: Miscellaneous
Curves of Industry 1934 Photography: Miscellaneous
Geometry Lesson 1934 Photography: Portrait
A Gardener's Offering 1935 Photography: Miscellaneous
Marshmallow and Dragon Fly 1935 Photography: Miscellaneous
Mid Winter 1935 Photography: Landscape
Steel Ingots 1935 Photography: Miscellaneous
To Market 1935 Photography: Figure