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Title Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awardssort descending
A Spring Day 1935
A Steel Truster 1927 Water Color
A Still Life 1929 Water Color
A Street in Le Revest 1927
A Street in Settignano 1933
A Street in Tours 1926 Etching
A Street Scence, Frederick, Maryland 1920 Oil Painting
A Study 1926 Freehand Drawing
A Study 1929 Freehand Drawing
A Study 1935 Pastel
A Study in Green 1930
A Study in Ice and Snow 1933
A Study in Light and Shade, Cleveland 1923
A Sunday Afternoon 1934 Etching
A Sunday Afternoon at River Road 1922
A Sunny Day in Venice 1925
A Tale of Notley Abbey 1934 Book Binding
A Taos Church 1932
A Thoughtful Moment 1921 Oil Painting
A Town Landing 1924
A Vase of Little Dahlias 1930
A View from Tintern Abbey 1934
A Village in Alava 1929
A Village in Czechoslovakia 1928
A Vivacious Young Lady 1920 Oil Painting
A Wayside Blacksmith 1925
A Welsh Muse, plaque in alloy of silver and pewer 1923 Modeling in Low Relief
A West-side Alley 1928 Etching
A Wet Day at the Sea 1927
A White Day, East Cleveland 1921 Oil Painting
A Wind Out of the North, Bermuda 1924 Water Color
A Winding Creek in Winter 1922
A Windy Day, Lake Erie 1921 Water Color
A Yard of Leaves 1929 Water Color
A Year with the Birds 1919 Book Binding
A Yellow Tulip 1927 Water Color
A Young Girl 1934 Pastel
A Young Lady 1936
A Young Man 1924 Photography
A Young Man 1931 Drawing
A Young Woman of Fashion 1935 Illustration
Abandoned 1935
Abandoned 1933 Etching
Abandoned Boat, Provincetown, Massachusetts 1919
Abandoned Church 1937 Water Color
Abandoned Farm 1924 Etching
Abandoned House 1932 Water Color
Abandoned Meeting House 1931 Water Color
Abandoned mine, Creede, Colorado 1938
Abandoned Miners' Shacks 1929 Water Color