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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
A Carl Milles' Head 1932
A Catskill Vendoo 1928 Etching
A Century of Progress 1933
A Chapter from Robin Hood #1 1936 Printing
A Chapter from Robin Hood #2 1936 Printing
A Christmas Card 1919 Hand Lettering
A Clear Day 1932
A Clear Day in December 1922
A Clear Day in the Mountains 1931 Water Color
A Cleveland Alley 1919 Etching
A Cleveland Furnace 1925 Water Color
A Cleveland Street 1929 Etching
A Cleveland Woman and the Terminal Tower 1929
A Coleus and Begonia 1933 Water Color
A Color Rhapsody 1919
A Cool Refreshing Drink 1927 Water Color Honorable Mention
A Corner of Taormina 1928 Water Color
A Costume Study 1927 Water Color
A Country Road 1939 Water Color
A Cowboy 1933 Honorable Mention
A Creek in North Carolina 1927
A Croatian 1935
A Crooked Sixpence 1929 Illustration
A Crooked Street 1939 Water Color
A Cup of Tea 1924 Oil Painting
A Day Off 1935 Water Color
A Day's Work, Circus Horses 1924 Photography
A December Day, Gates Mill, Ohio 1920 Water Color
A Dock Scene of 1933 1934 Pastel
A Document 1937 Water Color First Prize
A Doorway in Venice 1919
A Doorway, Nantucket 1920 Photography
A Drowsy Company 1934 Water Color
A Dutch Girl 1937
A Fairy Story 1925 Illustration
A Far Downer Farm House 1932 Water Color
A Farm in Sicily 1929
A Field in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 1919
A Figure 1932
A Fragment 1923 Modeling for Sculpture Second Prize
A Frog, he would a wooing go 1927 Illustration
A Frosty Morning 1936 Water Color
A Fruit Store 1922
A Gay Venice Sail 1929 Water Color
A Gentle Summer Day 1934
A Good Stream, Cleveland 1919
A Goodyear Blimp 1930 Water Color
A Gray Day 1929 Water Color
A Gray Day in Spain 1923 Oil Painting Special Prize for Maintained Excellence
A Gray Day, Gloucester, Massachusetts 1919