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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Allen 1935
Allen Avenue 1947 First Prize
Allen Vaughn 1945
Alley 1939
Alley 1931 Drawing
Alley 1954
Alley 1956 Honorable Mention
Alley 1960 Photography
Alley by the Ponte Vecchio, Florence 1929 Water Color
Alley in Teano 1949
Alley Scene, U. S. A. 1989 Painting oil
Alleyway 1935 Water Color Second Prize
Allez-oop 1950
Alligator blue vase with incised design 1943 Pottery, Unique
Alligator Chalice, glazed earthenware 1969 Pottery and Porcelain
Allspice -- Upholstery Material 1955
Allure of the Banana Republics 1987 Painting oil
Almond and Cypress Trees, Mallorca 1933 Water Color
Almond Blossoms, Pollensa 1933 Water Color
Almond Trees in February 1934 Water Color Honorable Mention
Almost All Gray 1984 Photography kodachrome/ektacolor print Special Mention
Aloes Mts. And fog 1940 Water Color
Alone 1940
Alone 1957
Alone and Bare 1958
Alone, Most Strangely, I Live On 1936 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
Along 422 1939 Water Color
Along Bradford St., Provincetown 1936 Water Color
Along Plum Creek 1936 Water Color
Along Road - in Parma, Ohio 1933 Water Color
Along Route 8 1941
Along Shore 1939
Along Shore, Provincetown 1925 Water Color
Along the Arno 1951 Second Prize
Along the Canal 1930
Along the Canal 1941 Water Color
Along the Canal 1942 Photography: Miscellaneous
Along the Canal 1953
Along the Canal at Ghent 1933 Lithography
Along the Canal, France, Jan. '45 1945 Water Color
Along the Cape Road 1937 Water Color
Along the Chardon Road 1927 Water Color
Along the Coast 1937 Pastel
Along the Coast 1955
Along the Coast, Santa Barbara 1924
Along the Cuyahoga 1933
Along the Cuyahoga 1946 Water Color
Along the Cuyahoga River 1938
Along the Cuyahoga River 1922 Second Prize
Along the Damariscota 1941 Water Color