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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Whistle Stop 1955
Whispered Accusation 1982 Painting acrylic
Whisky Island Shacks 1933 Water Color
Whisky Island Idyl 1935 Water Color
Whisky Island 1948 Water Color
Whiskey Island Switch House 1943
Whiskey Island Slip 1937
Whiskey Island 1935 Water Color
Whiskey Island 1937 Water Color
Whiskey Island 1929 Water Color
Whiskers 1953
Whisk broom blues 1949 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Whirls and Whirlpools 1936 Water Color
Whirlpool Bather 1987 Painting Acrylic Special Mention
Whirling Mountain Storm 1935 Water Color
Whirling Dervishes 1987 Graphics monotype and oil stick
Whirling Dervish #3 with Light Buff Polish 1981 Enamel or Glass blown glass
Whirli-jig 1955
Whirl-a-bout 1965 Enameling: Useful and Decorative, Including Glass
Whirl pool bowl 1941 Enamel
Whirl Pool 1958 Enameling on Metal
Whippet Or Skip It 1971 Painting acrylic
While You Wait 1954 Second Prize
While the Sun Shines 1944
Which to Extol? 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Where's Our Mother 1943
Where! 1955 Ceramic Sculpture Honorable Mention
Where There is Smoke 1940 Water Color
Where the Horse Once Reigned 1935
Where the Forest Meets the Sea 1989 Photography gelatin silver print
Where the Elements Never Rest 1930 Water Color
Where the Crickets Chirp 1943 Water Color
Where Sunflowers Grow 1947 Special Award
Where Sea and Mountains Meet, Nerja, Spain 1924 Water Color
Where People Pass 1957
Where Once a Garden Smiled 1935 Water Color
Where my love lies dreaming 1949 Decorated Painting
Where Men Dwell and Toil 1932 Water Color
Where I stayed in Hopetown 1947 Illustration
Where Have All the Marquees Gone? 1988 Photography color print
Where Gods Have Touched 1938 First Prize
Where Earth and Sky Meet 1956
Where Does Infinity End? 1962 Oil Painting
Where do we go from here? 1944
Where Coal and Iron Meet 1933 Relief Cuts, Woodcuts, Linoleum Cuts Second Prize
Where Are Our Young Folks Going 1929 Illustration: Any Medium Honorable Mention
Where Ancient Fish Come From 1953
When you know, that you know, that you do know, that you know…then you know! 1983 Painting Oil Special Mention
When You Awake 1982 Photography hand-colored
When Winter Comes 1947 Water Color