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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Amber Tones 1962 Enameling: Useful and Decorative, Including Glass
Amber Tray 1953
Ambition--Education--Industry--Thrift 1921 Printing
Amboise, Rue Victor Hugo 1931 Illustration
Amboseli Kenya 1970 1971 Painting pencil wash
Ambrose Swasey 1937
Ambrose Swasey Memorial Book 1929 Printing
Ambrosia 1952 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique Honorable Mention
Ambulant Piper 1950 Drawing
Ambulating 1948
America #1 1981 Painting tempera
America at Work 1953
America Dreams Trophy Trilogy 1976 Ceramics soft-paste porcelain
America Re-discovered 1927 Photography
America's Pastime 1980 Ceramics low-fire whiteware
American Air 1974 Graphics mixed
American Beauty 1958
American beauty apple 1941 Silverware (Not Jewelry)
American Castle 1936
American Colonial Mirror Frame 1927 Furniture
American Dinnerware - Set of Six Plates 1972 Pottery and Porcelain porcelain, silver luster, ceramic details Special Mention
American Dream 1968 Graphics Drypoint Juror's Mention
American Dream 1975 Graphics mixed media
American health 1940
American Indian 1934
American landscape 1949
American Landscape/Cornfield 1990 Graphics Pastel Special Mention
American Mistletoe 1951
American Pace 1934 Water Color Honorable Mention
American Place, Cincy, No. 1 1935 Water Color Honorable Mention
American Place, Cincy, No. 2 1935 Water Color Honorable Mention
American Place, Cincy, No. 3 1935 Water Color
American Place, East Liverpool 1935 Water Color Honorable Mention
American Scene 1931 Water Color First Prize
American Scene, No. 7 1933 Lithography
American Scene, No. 8 1933 Lithography
American Setting 1933 Water Color First Prize
American Shooting Game 1974 Graphics pencil
American Steel 1955
American Street I 1968 Graphics oil and collage
American Sunday Landscape 1971 Sculpture mixed
American Texture 1953
American Theory 1977 Textiles hand-dyed cotton and linen
American Tourist Party, Italy 1944 Water Color
American Tradition 1946
American Tragedy 1933 Relief Cuts, Woodcuts, Linoleum Cuts Third Prize
American Tragedy 1990 Painting oil
American Variaton on an Ancient Chinese Theme 1955
Americana 1933 Water Color
Americana 1934 Water Color