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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
A Hand Lettered Quotation 1935 Miscellaneous Handicraft
A Head 1929
A Heliotrope 1934 Illustration
A Horse in the Garden 1926 Honorable Mention
A House by the Sea 1935 Water Color
A House of 1780, Conn. 1923 Honorable Mention
A Knight of the Road 1936 First Prize
A Knoll by the River 1938 Water Color
A Landscape 1932
A Lane in California 1924
A London Garden 1933 Water Color
A Long Hall 1933
A Man's Prayer 1936 Handicraft
A Maple Sugar Camp 1933
A March Sea 1935
A Mexican Farm 1929
A Mezican 1932
A Misty Day 1922 Photography: Portrait
A Modern Elizabethan 1935 Third Prize
A Mountain Village 1930
A Mountaineer 1938
A Multitude of Contrasts 1932
A New England Hillside 1928
A New England Village 1928
A New Provincetown 1930
A Night in Brion, France 1921 Water Color
A Noisy Argument 1920 Oil Painting
A Noisy Party 1930
A Novice Prays 1936
A Nuremberg Street 1930
A Nursery Rug 1933 Miscellaneous Handicraft
A Painting by King Winter 1922
A Pair of Silver Cuff Links 1919 Jewelry
A Pair of Silver Slipper Buckles 1920 Jewelry
A Pair of Slipper Buckles 1919 Jewelry
A Paradise 1928 Second Prize
A Paris Street 1927 Water Color
A Partial Eclipse 1932 Water Color
A Pastoral 1930
A Pattern from Nature 1929
A Paulist Father 1923 Modeling for Sculpture
A Peaceful Valley 1930
A Peep over the Cliff, Lakewood, Ohio 1921 Oil Painting
A Pennsylvania Farmhouse 1926 Oil Painting
A Pinch of Snuff 1925 Lithography
A Pitcher in a Picture 1929 Water Color
A Pittsburgh Skyline 1929
A Place in the Sun 1933
A Plant and Green Plate 1932
A Pleasant Evening 1934 Water Color