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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
The Master of Stripes and Ceremonies 1993 Graphics Monoprint
The Neighbor's Yard 1993 Graphics pastel
The Quiet Men 1993 Painting acrylic
The Red, the Blight, and the Blue 1993 Photography color coupler print
Three Ages of Man 1993 Painting oil
Too Long in a Hard Chair 1993 Painting mixed media
Trough VIII - Soul Sorter 1993 Enamel or Glass Cast glass
Unnoticed Landscape #65-10 1993 Photography palladium print
Untitled #1-92 1993 Painting acrylic
Untitled 1993 Graphics charcoal
Untitled 1993 Painting acrylic
Urban Nativity 1993 Sculpture mixed media
Variations on a Theme of Davis 1993 Ceramics earthenware
Vessels for Senses 1993 Jewelry and Metalwork copper, rubber, wood, papier-mache, paper, and aluminum
Water Prayer Rug 1993 Textiles cotton and rayon
We Had Something Few Will Know 1993 Jewelry and Metalwork fabricated sterling, copper, leaf, ink, and stone
White Bowl 1993 Ceramics earthenware
Wide World 1993 Photography gelatin silver print
Wild Parsnip and Glass-Block Window 1993 Painting watercolor
Worm Wood 1993 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, cocobola wood, and fine silver
Passage 1993 Photography gelatin silver print (pinhole camera)