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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Floor Lamps--Wood Carving and Gilding 1919
Flower Box 1919 Pottery
Flower Garden, Residence of Mr. A. R. Warner, Ambler Heights, Cleveland 1919 Garden Design
Fontaine de l'Observatoire, Paris. 1919 Garden Design
For Thanksgiving 1919
Fountain Figure (Under instruction) 1919 Sculpture
Fountain Figure of Faun 1919 Sculpture Second Prize
Four Filet Lace Squares Showing History of Joan of Arc 1919 Lace and Crochet Commended
Four Years Old 1919 Miniatures
Frogs 1919 Etching
Fruit (poster) 1919
Furniture Design of Nurseriette 1919 Commercial Design
Garden of Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Italy 1919
Garden View, Residence of Mr. F. W. Steinen, Park Boulevard, Cleveland 1919 Garden Design
Glen Terrace Subdivision, Springfield, Ohio 1919 Garden Design
Goats 1919 Etching
Gold and Enamel Ring with Black Opal 1919 Jewelry
Gold and Jade Ring 1919 Jewelry
Gold and Opal Lavaliere 1919 Jewelry
Gold Brooch 1919 Jewelry
Gold Brooch with Black Opal and Sapphires 1919 Jewelry
Gold Enamel and Black Opal Brooch 1919 Jewelry Commended
Gold Ring Set with Sapphire, Olivines, and Pearls 1919 Jewelry
Gold Scarab Ring 1919 Jewelry
Gold Watch Chain 1919 Jewelry
Greek Floor Lamp 1919 Furniture
Greek Oil Jar with Donahey Tile (121) 1919 Pottery
Greek Oil Jar with Donahey Tile (295) 1919 Pottery
Grieving Benevolence - Fragment of the White Memorial 1919 Sculpture
Group of Carved Ivory and Metal Medallions 1919 Sculpture First Prize, Penton Metal for Excellence
Hand Crochet Bedspread 1919 Lace and Crochet
Hand Lettering 1919 Hand Lettering
New Skeins 1919 First Prize, Figure, Penton Metal for Excellence
Nine Patch Quilt 1919 Quilts
Noonday Meal 1919 Etching
Oak Hall Table 1919 Furniture
Octagonal Walnut Table 1919 Furniture
October Afternoon 1919
October Haze 1919
Oil Jar 1919 Pottery
Old Boat on the Seine 1919
Old Canal House, South Newburg, Ohio 1919
Old Passageway, Paris 1919 Etching
Old Viaduct, Cleveland 1919 Second Prize, Industrial Subject
On Pearl Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts 1919 Illustration
On the Heights, Euclid, Ohio 1919
One-piece Crocheted Bedspread 1919 Lace and Crochet
Over the Dunes, Cape Cod, Massachusetts 1919
Pat-a-cake - Portrait 1919
Peacock Tray - Cross-stitch 1919 Embroidery