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Title Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awardssort ascending
Brooch (2) 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork enamel and sterling silver
Ceremony in Winter 1988 Textiles mixed fibers and stone
Clay Vessel II 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Coiled Vessel III 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Cooper in the Stream of Consciousness No. 1 1988 Photography gelatin silver print
Coral Basket Pin 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, 14K gold, coral, and blue topaz
Counter Clock Aqua 1988 Painting acrylic
Crator I: Clavius 1988 Enamel or Glass mixed media
Cricket 1988 Painting acrylic
Crossing 1988 Painting wood, paint, and graphite
Cutting Loose 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Cybernetic Systems 1988 Photography gelatin silver print
Danger: High Voltage!! Do Not Touch! 1988 Sculpture neon, plexiglass, steel, and wood
Dark Night of the Soul with TV 1988 Graphics Prismacolor and paint
Dashboard Clocks Don't Work Anyway! 1988 Graphics intaglio
Dead End 1988 Graphics intaglio
Deep Dark Secrets 1988 Photography infrared gelatin silver print
Deep Scroll Vase 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Deep 1988 Enamel or Glass glass
Double Jointed 1988 Photography gelatin silver print
Dragonfly 1988 Painting acrylic
El Corazon de Atahualpa 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, copper, and brass
Eureka Springs No. 1 1988 Photography cibachrome
Far from Home 1988 Painting mixed media
Fetters 1988 Painting acrylic
Flight of the Mandarin 1988 Graphics Etching
FLW Series; Buffalo II 1988 Graphics acrylic and colored pencil
Foliated Fugue 1988 Ceramics Porcelain
For Walton Beach, Florida, July 1987 1988 Photography gelatin silver print
Fragment: Playing with Klee 1988 Textiles mixed media
Frogs Performing for Crows in a Gaillardia Garden 1988 Painting watercolor and ink
From Any Angle 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Futurity 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling and nickel silver, hematite, and onyx
Gloves of Scarred Vessels 1988 Textiles mixed media
Guardians of Time 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Guilt Reliquary 1988 Other Crafts mixed media
Hat Trip (Diving) No. 1 1988 Graphics charcoal
High Spark--Animal Hazard 1988 Sculpture painted polystyrene
Highway Viewer 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Home and Church 1988 Photography cibachrome
Huiro 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and micarta inlays with scrimshaw
If I Die Before I Wake 1988 Sculpture mixed media
In That Minute 1988 Photography gelatin silver print
Infolding No. 1: What Goes Around, Comes Around 1988 Painting acrylic and wood
Ipswich Bay 1988 Painting oil
Jail House Rock, Wall Grille 1988 Other Crafts steel
Judith's Garden with Her Self-Portrait as a Scarecrow 1988 Photography
Just Like Downtown 1988 Ceramics stoneware and mixed media
Lights Out 1988 Painting Gouache
Locket 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork 24K gold-plated brass and cloisonne enamel