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Title Artist(s) Yearsort ascending Category Medium Awards
House Behind Factory, East Liverpool 1987 Photography gelatin silver print Special Mention
Hustle and Bustle at 5 1987 Graphics linocut
I Can See Through Your Brain 1987 Sculpture painted wood and masonite
I.O.U. L.W. Smith 1987 Sculpture wood and steel
In Nature We May Find the Son 1987 Painting oil
In the Arms of Fate 1987 Photography gelatin silver print
In the Refrigerator 1987 Photography Special Mention
Inside-Out I 1987 Enamel or Glass glass
Inside-Out II 1987 Enamel or Glass Glass
Keeping the Babes Happy 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, acrylic, and graham cracker
Kite XXVI 1987 Ceramics porcelain, wood, and silk
Landscape Block No. 1089 1987 Enamel or Glass glass
Las Vegas Queen 1987 Photography gelatin silver print
Let Us Out 1987 Sculpture mixed media
Lexington 1987 Painting painted wood
Lost in a Half Sleep 1987 Sculpture Mixed media Special Mention
Love and Darkness: The Tangent Dimensions 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork mixed media
Luster Bowl No. 2 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Man and Cat Falling 1987 Ceramics white earthenware
Mandala 1987 Other Crafts paper, acrylic, and cotton
Mandril and Mandril-Man 1987 Photography gelatin silver prints
Matinee Idle 1987 Graphics pastel
Me 1987 Graphics mixed media
Menagerie 1987 Photography gelatin silver print
Metropolitan Mausoleum 1987 Sculpture earthenware
MIA BCH, Detail Series No. 3 1987 Graphics acrylic and colored pencil
Midnight Opalescence 1987 Ceramics porcelain
Migration 1987 Enamel or Glass silver paillons
Monument Valley Vase 1987 Ceramics terra-cotta Special Mention
Morning Gate 1987 Graphics Oil stick Special Mention
Moveable Line 1987 Sculpture steel, dirt, and wool
New Moon 1987 Sculpture painted wood
Next Time Around No. 3 1987 Textiles mixed media
Nexus 1987 Enamel or Glass handcut lead crystal
Night Dancer 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Nightscape No. 1 1987 Photography Special Mention, Herbert Ascherman Jr., May Show Purchase Award
Nightscape No. 2 1987 Photography Special Mention
Nineteen Ninety-Five a Night 1987 Photography gelatin silver print
No Cries of Pity 1987 Painting Acrylic Special Mention
North Sea 1987 Painting acrylic
Not Whole 1987 Painting acrylic, casein, and modeling paste Special Mention
Now in the Suburbs the Bushes are Glowing 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork bronze, copper, and 14K gold
O Hina 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork enamel, sterling silver, fine silver, and lapis
O, What Shall I Hang on the Chamber Walls? 1987 Painting oil and latex $1,000 Award
Ode to Buck Rogers 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Outside In 1987 Photography gelatin silver print
P. M.'s Nightmare 1987 Painting acrylic
Pair of End Tables 1987 Other Crafts cherry and walnut
PC Aura--Spheroid Lidded Vessel 1987 Ceramics stoneware, wood, and leather
Phazoscape 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork enamel, sterling silver, fine silver, and lapis