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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
Dining Room Chair 1950 Furniture Second Prize
Side Chair 1950 Furniture Second Prize
Composition 1949 Drawing
Drawing #1, Andy 1949 Drawing
Head of a Young Girl 1961 Drawing
The Vine, No. 2 1961 Drawing Jury Mention
A Rest 1962 Drawing Jury Mention
Kneeling Woman 1962 Drawing
Rock Forms 1962 Drawing
The Repast 1962 Drawing Jury Mention
Figure Study 1964 Drawing Jury Mention
Labyrinth 1964 Drawing Jury Mention
Portrait of the Artist Erased from his Environment 1965 Drawing Jury Mention
Drawing #2 1940 Drawing
Figure Study 1938 Drawing
Wall fountain and base 1940 Sculpture
Sunday's child - plaster 1941 Sculpture
Mary Ellen 1942 Sculpture
Tree of Good and Evil 1963 Sculpture
Untitled Forms of Life in Varying Stages of Development 1963 Sculpture Jury Mention
Agh (ceramic object) 1964 Sculpture Jury Mention
Overture in Black and White 1964 Sculpture Jury Mention
Tangara 1964 Sculpture Jury Mention
Untitled No. 1 1964 Sculpture
Untitled No. 2 1964 Sculpture Jury Mention
Animan 1965 Sculpture Bronze
Construction No. 7 1965 Sculpture wood and rubber Jury Mention
Portrait of Dr. Linus Pauling 1965 Sculpture Bronze
Glasses, steel 1966 Sculpture Juror's Mention
Levitation 1966 Sculpture plaster on panel Juror's Mention
Odamisque 1966 Sculpture fiber glass and steel Juror's Mention
Regimen 1966 Sculpture cast bronze Special Mention, $1,000 Award
Thought Form 1966 Sculpture Wood Juror's Mention
Double Frame Mount 1967 Sculpture cast aluminum Special Jury Mention
Equestrian Monument to the Pepsi Generation 1967 Sculpture steel and plastic
Nickoli I 1967 Sculpture Bronze Chesterfield Purchase, Special Jury Mention
Ocean Mound 1967 Sculpture forged steel Special Jury Mention
Ontogeny Recapitulates Cosmogeny 1967 Sculpture wood, ceramic Special Jury Mention
Shell-Man 1967 Sculpture sheet steel $1,000 Award
Head of Dreams II (Of Things to Come) 1968 Sculpture Marble Juror's Mention
Katoptrix (light painting) 1968 Sculpture Mixed media Juror's Mention
Pictorial Participation No. 8 1968 Sculpture plexiglass, mirror, and wood Special Jury Mention
Portrait 1968 Sculpture mirror and light Juror's Mention
Teleform 1968 Sculpture Aluminum Juror's Mention
Hanging Red 1969 Sculpture Acrylic Juror's Mention
Oscillator 1969 Sculpture Mixed media $1,000 Award
Sea Forms 1969 Sculpture Steel Juror's Mention
Temenos 1969 Sculpture polymer on wood Special Jury Mention
The Pink 1969 Sculpture plywood Juror's Mention
Untitled 1969 Sculpture Steel Juror's Mention