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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort ascending Medium Awards
Temenos 1969 Sculpture polymer on wood Special Jury Mention
The Pink 1969 Sculpture plywood Juror's Mention
Untitled 1969 Sculpture Steel Juror's Mention
47-24-47 1971 Sculpture wood and enamel paint Special Mention
Cornfield Landscape Flashback 1971 Sculpture Mixed Special Mention
Feelsafe (Manus) 1971 Sculpture steel, Manila rope, acrylic fur Special Mention
Model for a Set of Staircase - Sculptures 1971 Sculpture insulating board, masonite $1,000 Award
Pictorial Participation No. 24 1971 Sculpture Wood, plastic, mirror Special Mention
Portrait of Artist and Wife (In Manu) 1971 Sculpture Steel, stainless steel
Tawas 1971 Sculpture enamel on wood
Anatomy No. 7 1972 Sculpture bronze and aluminum Special Mention
Column 1972 Sculpture steel and bronze Special Mention
Egyptian Landscape 1972 Sculpture steel, rope, sand, and clay $1,000 Award
Medicine Shield 1972 Sculpture cast bronze Special Mention
Agitated Removal 1973 Sculpture Steel Special Mention
Reciprocation 1973 Sculpture steel, silicon bronze Special Mention
The Dream 1973 Sculpture Mixed Special Mention
They'll Never Take Us Alive 1973 Sculpture welded and bolted steel $1,000 Award
A Study in Space 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Bronze Breasted Maiden 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Cymbal Tree 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Dancer 1961 Sculpture
Don Quixote 1961 Sculpture
Homage to a Temporary A. K. 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Horse and Rider 1961 Sculpture
Languor 1961 Sculpture
Music Maker 1961 Sculpture
No Two Thumbprints 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Pentecost 1961 Sculpture
Presence 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Torso 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Wall Relief 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Angel of Death 1962 Sculpture
Emerging Figure 1962 Sculpture
Lyrebird 1962 Sculpture
Memorial for the Jewish Mothers and Children Killed during the Second World War 1962 Sculpture Jury Mention
Moon Ball 1962 Sculpture
Opening and Closing Form No. 2 1962 Sculpture
Parenthetic Dance 1962 Sculpture
Rhinoceros Bird 1962 Sculpture Jury Mention
Sculpture for a Science Center 1963 Sculpture Jury Mention
Song of Gothic 1963 Sculpture
Bushel and a Peck 1974 Sculpture earthenware, glaze, and ceramic decals, in wood box with plexiglass $500 Award
Hopi Indian with Hair in Squash Blossom Style 1974 Sculpture cast bronze $500 Award
Horse 1974 Sculpture stainless steel and steel Special Mention
Muse 1974 Sculpture painted steel Special Mention
Trifurcation 1974 Sculpture Welded steel Special Mention
Exit 1975 Sculpture aluminum and steel $500 Award
Heart Seed 1975 Sculpture stoneware
Running Figure 1975 Sculpture silicon bronze Special Mention