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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Cleveland Public Square 1987 Photography color print collage
Cloud, Cage, and Stone 1987 Sculpture bronze and marble
Coffee Table 1987 Other Crafts bird's-eye maple and glass
Column Vase 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Concretion Pot 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Container: When I Was a Small Boy I Fell into a Hole in the Woods Out Back. I Tried to Climb Out--but Kept on Falling Back In. I Don't Remember Ever Getting Out 1987 Ceramics stoneware and mixed media
Creating Processes No. 1/Brooch 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork mixed media
Crossfire 1987 Painting wood, graphite, and paint
Cul de Sac 1987 Painting oil
Cycle on Pedestal 1987 Ceramics porcelain
Dead Things in the Attic 1987 Graphics linocut
Disc and Curve Merging 1987 Sculpture welded steel
Earth Series 1987 Enamel or Glass mixed media
Eve (Nothing to Wear) 1987 Sculpture paper
Ewer 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Fan of Betrayal 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork mixed media
Ferry to Pelee 1987 Painting acrylic
FLW Series; Buffalo 1987 Graphics acrylic and colored pencil Special Mention
Folding Screen 1987 Other Crafts painted wood
Formal Planter 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Fragments of Time 1987 Textiles mixed media
From the Darkness Came the Light 1987 Textiles cotton
Further Reconstruct No. 4 1987 Painting acrylic and fiber glass
Garden 32 A/B 1987 Photography color coupler prints
Gaze 1987 Sculpture low fire clay $1,000 Award
Genesis One 1987 Painting acrylic and tempera
Geode No. 2 Pin-Pendant and Choker 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork opan, diamonds, and 14K gold $1,000 Award
Give Peace a Chance 1987 Painting acrylic
Glass on Glass 1987 Other Crafts Glass Special Mention
Grapefruit 1987 Painting oil
Gravities, 2 1987 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors and low fire glaze Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Green Vase 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Guardians--Gino and St. John 1987 Painting oil
Hard Rock 1987 Painting latex and acrylic
Healthy Violence/Unhealthy Violence I 1987 Photography toned silver bromide print
Heavenly Soul 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork fine silver, enamel, and sterling silver
Homage to the Anasazi 1987 Ceramics earthenware and underglazes
Homage 1987 Sculpture sand, wood, and stone
House and Garden Angel 1987 Painting acrylic
House Behind Factory, East Liverpool 1987 Photography gelatin silver print Special Mention
Hustle and Bustle at 5 1987 Graphics linocut
I Can See Through Your Brain 1987 Sculpture painted wood and masonite
I.O.U. L.W. Smith 1987 Sculpture wood and steel
In Nature We May Find the Son 1987 Painting oil
In the Arms of Fate 1987 Photography gelatin silver print
In the Refrigerator 1987 Photography Special Mention
Inside-Out I 1987 Enamel or Glass glass
Inside-Out II 1987 Enamel or Glass Glass
Keeping the Babes Happy 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, acrylic, and graham cracker
Kite XXVI 1987 Ceramics porcelain, wood, and silk