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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Wooded Forms 1973 Textiles, Any Medium mixed
Wooded ridge 1941 Water Color
Wooden book ends, pair 1941 Miscellaneous Handicraft
Wooden Cross with Thorn Cluster 1946
Wooden Goat 1952 First Prize
Wooden salad bowl 1942 Miscellaneous Handicraft, Unique
Woodland 1943 Block Printing, Unique
Woodland 1953
Woodland Avenue Market, Cleveland 1923
Woodland Carnival 1939
Woodland Catherdral 1950 Decorated Painting
Woodland Echoes 1949 Enamel, Unique
Woodland flowers, plate 1946 Enamel, Unique
Woodland Glade 1933 Water Color
Woodland glen, platter 1947 Pottery, Unique
Woodland Gypsies 1949 Water Color Honorable Mention
Woodland Idyll 1932 Water Color
Woodland in Winter, Kirtland 1923
Woodland Path 1933 Etching
Woodland Pool 1954
Woodland Portrait 1950
Woodland retreat 1940
Woodland Road 1943
Woodland Symphony 1944 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium Second Prize
Woodland Vista 1927
Woodland Waters 1934 Decorative Painting
Woods 1947 Water Color
Woods 1948 Illustration
Woods 1965 Graphic Prints woodcut
Woods and Water, Boothbay, Harbour, Me 1923 Water Color
Woods at Pine Lake 1957
Woods end breakwater 1952 Water Color
Woods in Autumn 1958
Woods in Winter 1932 Water Color
Woods Interior 1922 Water Color
Woods Interior 1924 Water Color
Woods Pattern in March 1955
Woods Swamp 1955 Water Color Honorable Mention
Woods Wading 1948
Woods, bowl 1942 Enameling, Unique
Woods, Rocky River 1939 Water Color
Woods-lot Pasture, Early Morning, Canada 1931 Water Color
Woodsman 1938
Woodstock 1929 Water Color
Woodstock 1948 Water Color
Woodstock Valley 1926 Oil Painting
Wool and Linen Rya Rug 1965 Textiles, Any Medium
Wool and Synthetic Suiting 1964 Textiles, Any Medium
Wool bag, black and red 1945 Weaving, Unique
Wool bag, blue and white 1945 Weaving, Unique