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Title Artist(s) Yearsort ascending Category Medium Awards
October Haze 1919
Oil Jar 1919 Pottery
Old Boat on the Seine 1919
Old Canal House, South Newburg, Ohio 1919
Old Passageway, Paris 1919 Etching
Old Viaduct, Cleveland 1919 Second Prize, Industrial Subject
On Pearl Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts 1919 Illustration
On the Heights, Euclid, Ohio 1919
One-piece Crocheted Bedspread 1919 Lace and Crochet
Over the Dunes, Cape Cod, Massachusetts 1919
Pat-a-cake - Portrait 1919
Peacock Tray - Cross-stitch 1919 Embroidery
Pectoral Cross 1919 Jewelry Commended
Pendant and Chain 1919 Jewelry
Pendant Brooch 1919 Jewelry
Pendant--Silver, Enamel, and Turquoise 1919 Jewelry
Peristyle in Garden of Mr. F. W. Steinen, Park Boulevard, Cleveland 1919 Garden Design
Perspective of Cleveland Public Library 1919 Garden Design Penton Metal for Excellence
Picture Frame 1919
Pierrot Entranced 1919
Pigs in Orchard 1919 Etching
Pillow 1919 Embroidery
Pillow 1919 Embroidery
Pillow Cover (312) 1919 Hand Weaving
Pillow Cover (315) 1919 Hand Weaving First Prize, Penton Medal for Excellence
Pillow Lace (319) 1919 Lace and Crochet
Pillow Lace (320) 1919 Lace and Crochet
Pillow-cases with Filet Crochet Edging 1919 Lace and Crochet
Pleasant Valley, Kirtland, Ohio 1919
Polychromed Oak Console 1919 Furniture
Polychromed Oak Mirror 1919 Furniture
Porcelain Vase 1919 Pottery
Porcelain Vase for Lamp 1919 Pottery
Portrait 1919
Portrait 1919
Portrait 1919
Portrait 1919 Miniatures Second Prize
Portrait Bust 1919 Sculpture
Portrait Bust 1919 Sculpture Commended
Portrait Bust of Lady Mary Dyble (replica in plaster) 1919 Sculpture
Portrait Bust of Miss Parker 1919 Sculpture
Portrait of Baby Wadsworth 1919
Portrait of Bobby Young 1919
Portrait of Caroline Heywood 1919 Fourth Prize
Portrait of Dicky Weil 1919 Miniatures
Portrait of Ernest Ruffini 1919 Miniatures
Portrait of I.C.G. 1919
Portrait of Louis Ehret, Jr. 1919 Miniatures
Portrait of Miss E. 1919
Portrait of Miss H.--Marble Bust 1919 Sculpture