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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort ascending Awards
Abstract Garden II: Monarch Summer 1990 Textiles hand-dyed and printed fabric Special Mention
Points and Slot 1990 Other Crafts painted wood and metal hardware
Paintbrush Stroke Necklace 1990 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and antique African beads
Descent 1990 Painting latex and spray paint
Message 1990 Sculpture fiberglass and copper and iron oxides
From the Series: Clandestine Scientific Investigations/Fairytale for Ingrid 1990 Photography mixed photographic processes
Ironweed 1990 Enamel or Glass enamel, copper, and wood
Canyon 1990 Sculpture aluminum and copper sheets
A Day in the Country 1990 Graphics Conte, charcoal, and pastel
Origins 1990 Painting acrylic and sand
Spanish Manners 1990 Graphics pastel, acrylic, and colored pencil
Skyscraper (from the NoMo Series) 1990 Enamel or Glass fused glass and plexiglass
Jim's Idea 1990 Other Crafts ash, purpleheart, and Corian
It Was Over in a Flash 1990 Painting oil stick and encaustic
Bombay Tiger in the China Closet 1990 Ceramics earthenware and painted wood
Flay-O-Fish 1990 Enamel or Glass glass and mixed media
Wedged Coral Pin 1990 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, coral, jade, and pearl
Cipher 1990 Sculpture various steels and beeswax $1,000 Award
Sluice 1990 Sculpture various steels and beeswax $1,000 Award
Trinity 1990 Enamel or Glass slumped and cast glass and steel Special Mention
Amethyst 1990 Enamel or Glass slumped glass
Untitled #1 1990 Sculpture wood and steel bolts Special Mention
Seedbed: Fusion Test / Blue Parrot 1990 Painting oil and Flashe $1,000 Award
Passaic River Rainbow 1990 Textiles glass beads
Delusions from Past Lives 1990 Photography hand-colored collaged gelatin silver print
Pin 1990 Jewelry and Metalwork enamel, fine and sterling silver, and malachite
Contrary Theses (for Wallace Stevens) 1990 Painting egg tempera, wood, and steel
Atreus 1990 Painting shellac, acrylic, and graphite
Five Easy Pieces 1990 Textiles color Xerox, cotton, and beads
Color Permutations: Lake Erie 1990 Painting oil, bark, and plastic laminate
Reflected Fragments 1990 Sculpture bronze and stone
Cygnet Settee 1990 Other Crafts cherry and wenge woods and hand-printed fabric
Crazy Me 1990 Textiles drinking straws and fishing line
The Kite Man, An Illusion Behind Reality 1990 Photography toned color print
Group 1990 Photography Vandyke brown print
King and Queen IV 1990 Sculpture lead, plaster, wood, and rubber
Reggie's Racing Chair 1990 Other Crafts hardwood, acrylic, and cotton webbing
Midnite Madness 1990 Sculpture laminated wood Special Mention
Ruby and Gold Bibelot 1990 Enamel or Glass enamel and gold foil
Home Safe/Safe Home 1990 Graphics Prismacolor pencil
Alternate Route 1990 Sculpture wood, muslin, polyurethane, and steel
Untitled 1989 copper and anodized aluminum
Changeling 1989 Graphics film lead on mylar
Charm Necklace 1989 sterling silver and 24K gold
Victoria 1989 Sculpture bronze and wood
Cut and Run (A Burning Question) 1989 Sculpture epoxy resin and wood
Fences 1989 Photography toned and hand-colored gelatin silver prints
The Seed 1989 Sculpture fiberglass, copper, and iron and oxides $1,000 Award
Arrow of Desire 1989 Sculpture fiberglass, stones, and copper and iron oxides $1,000 Award
The Ball Game 1989 Graphics acrylic, pastel, and colored pencil