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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
Night Music, Opus 9, No. 2 1977 Ceramics stoneware with underglaze stains $1,000 Award
Plate #10 1977 Ceramics pottery
Plate #8 1977 Ceramics pottery
Platter--(Nature) 1977 Ceramics porcelain
Puzzle Pot 1977 Ceramics porcelain
Queen in Disguise on a Desert Isle 1977 Ceramics soft-paste porcelain
Round Brown/White Pot with Feathers 1977 Ceramics stoneware Special Mention
Seashell Treasure Jar 1977 Ceramics porcelain
Sensual Sewer Pipe #8 1977 Ceramics salt-glazed stoneware Special Mention
Soup Tureen Service 1977 Ceramics stoneware
Storage Jar 1977 Ceramics stoneware
Textured Platter 1977 Ceramics stoneware
Touch Trap 1977 Ceramics porcelain and stoneware
Trussed Teapot 1977 Ceramics stoneware Horace E. Potter Memorial Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship
Untitled 1977 Ceramics pottery
Vase with Drawings 1977 Ceramics stoneware
78-1 1978 Ceramics stoneware Special Mention
78-2 1978 Ceramics stoneware Special Mention
Birds in the Wind 1978 Ceramics salt-glazed stoneware
Broken Promises 1978 Ceramics earthenware
Celadon Bottle 1978 Ceramics stoneware
Covered Box: Deco Delight, No. 52 1978 Ceramics raku ware
Covered Jar 1978 Ceramics salt-glazed stoneware and oxide
Covered Serving Bowl 1978 Ceramics porcelain
Expanded Form II 1978 Ceramics stoneware
Form with Slit and Hole 1978 Ceramics Porcelain
Gravity Misconstrued 1978 Ceramics low-fired clay with ceramic decals
Military Maneuvers: The Aftermath 1978 Ceramics stoneware with ceramic pencil $1,000 Award
Mirage 1978 Ceramics earthenware
No. 5 Jar 1978 Ceramics stoneware
Obvious Landscape Box, No. 1 1978 Ceramics raku ware
Oil Spot, No. 2 1978 Ceramics porcelain
Rock Shrine 1978 Ceramics stoneware with Homosote and sand base
Salt-Glazed Land Pot 1978 Ceramics stoneware
Sawdust Jar 1978 Ceramics raku ware
Set of Salt-Licked Sexpots 1978 Ceramics stoneware
Sound 1978 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors
Spheroid 1978 Ceramics raku ware
Teapot Set 1978 Ceramics salt-glazed stoneware
Teapot 1978 Ceramics stoneware with reed and hemp handle
Teapot 1978 Ceramics stoneware
The Eyes Have It, No. 2 1978 Ceramics raku ware
The Flame 1978 Ceramics stoneware
Three-Part Box 1978 Ceramics raku ware
Two Raku Boxes, Black and White and Black-Winter Reminiscences 1978 Ceramics raku ware
Untitled 1978 Ceramics porcelain, paper, and colored pencil
Untitled 1978 Ceramics stoneware with copper and red glaze
Untitled 1978 Ceramics stoneware
78-4 1979 Ceramics stoneware $1000 Award
78-5 1979 Ceramics stoneware $1,000 Award