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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
Adoration, Carved Plaster 1935 Medallions
Adriatic Serenity 1937
Adventure 1930
Aetes, plaster cast 1937 Sculpture
Affair of Honor 1933 Illustration
Afinando La Mandolina 1933
Afric 1938 Batik
African Fantastique (plaster model) 1937 Ceramic Sculpture
African Nude 1932 Ceramic Sculpture
African Still Life 1934 Etching
African Violet 1937 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
After a Heavy Rain 1929 Water Color
After a June Shower 1932
After a Rain 1928 Freehand Drawing Second Prize
After a Rain on a Hill Top 1920 Oil Painting First Prize, Figure and Animal, Penton Medal for Excellence
After Breakfast 1935 Freehand Drawing
After Snowfall 1931 Illustration: Any Medium Third Prize
After Snowfall 1932
After Storm 1936
After Sunset 1925
After the Bath 1936
After the Blizzard, near lake Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 1920 Oil Painting
After the Fire 1932 Water Color
After the Flood 1929
After the Flurry 1935 Water Color
After the ice storm 1938
After the Race 1926 Water Color
After the Rain 1939
After the Rain (Menemsha) 1938
After the Rain, Guatemala 1936
After the Shower 1937 Water Color
After the Shower 1935
After the Shower 1933 Water Color
After the Shower, Bermuda 1925 Water Color First Prize
After the Siesta, Majorca 1928
After the Snow Storm 1926 Second Prize
After the Snowstorm 1934 Water Color Honorable Mention
After the Storm 1931
After the Storm 1937
After the Storm 1937 Lithography First Prize
After the Storm 1922
After Work 1924 Oil
After-dinner coffee set: Pot, sugar and creamer 1939 Silverware (Not Jewelry)
Afterglow 1919
Afterglow 1935 First Prize
Afternon in February, St. Augustine's Convent, Lakwood, Ohio 1920 Oil Painting
Afternoon 1937 Etching and Other Intaglio Processes First Prize
Afternoon 1935 Etching
Afternoon Dreams 1923 Decorative
Afternoon Frolic 1935 60