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Title Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awardssort descending
Afternoon, No. 2 1932 Water Color
Agate Bowl 1932 Pottery
Agate in silver ring 1939 Jewelry
Agate or Millefiori Vase, Unique, #3 1931 Pottery
Agate or Millefiori Vase, Unique, No. 1 1931 Pottery
Agate Pendant 1932 Jewelry
Agate Ring 1939 Jewelry, Unique
Age of Steel 1926 Sculpture
Agnus 1936 Freehand Drawing
Ah, Make the Most of What we Yet May Spend Before We too into the Dust Descent - Omar Khayyam 1933
Air brakes, gannet 1939
Air Raid (base) (1) 1938 Sculpture in Plaster
Air Raid (base) (2) 1938 Sculpture in Bronze
Airscape 1938 Water Color
Akron in Winter 1934 Water Color
Alabama and Louisiana Row, White Sulphur Springs 1934 Etching
Alabama Belle 1936
Alcudia at Dusk 1934 Water Color
Alcudia Mountains 1933 Water Color
Alexander Woollcott 1939
Alice 1935
Alice and the White Knight 1937 Ceramic Sculpture
Alice in Wonderland 1934 Illustration
Alice in Wonderland Book Ends: White King and White Queen 1931 Ceramic Sculpture
Alice in Wonderland Bottles: Red King and Red Queen 1931 Ceramic Sculpture
Alice Pearl 1919
All the Fleet Is In 1933
Allah Hear Louisa's Prayer 1934 Illustration
Allegory 1934 Decorative Painting
Allen 1935
Alley 1939
Alley 1931 Drawing
Alley by the Ponte Vecchio, Florence 1929 Water Color
Almond and Cypress Trees, Mallorca 1933 Water Color
Almond Blossoms, Pollensa 1933 Water Color
Alone, Most Strangely, I Live On 1936 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
Along 422 1939 Water Color
Along Bradford St., Provincetown 1936 Water Color
Along Plum Creek 1936 Water Color
Along Road - in Parma, Ohio 1933 Water Color
Along Shore 1939
Along Shore, Provincetown 1925 Water Color
Along the Canal 1930
Along the Canal at Ghent 1933 Lithography
Along the Cape Road 1937 Water Color
Along the Chardon Road 1927 Water Color
Along the Coast 1937 Pastel
Along the Coast, Santa Barbara 1924
Along the Cuyahoga 1933
Along the Cuyahoga River 1938