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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Interplay 1993 Graphics heat transfer print
Kineticism, Exercise #13 1993 Graphics monotype
Left Behind 1993 Graphics charcoal
Lexicon 1993 Painting oil and wax
Looking Back 1993 Photography infrared gelatin silver print
Luxor, Egypt 1993 Photography Polaroid transfer print
Marietta Alley Series #3, The White Fence 1993 Graphics Pastel $500 Award
Markers 1993 Sculpture wood, metal, and paint
Martini Pitcher and Stirrer 1993 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and 18K gold
May I Arrive at the Land of Eternity… 1993 Ceramics earthenware
Minkisi Domestic #2: "Beauty Marks" 1993 Sculpture mixed media
Monet's Pond at Giverny 1993 Photography palladium print
Morning, Liberal, KS 1993 Photography selenium-toned gelatin silver print $500 Award
Motherhood #3 1993 Painting mixed media
Muscle Beach Party 1993 Painting acrylic
Music in the Time of War 1993 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors
New Outlook 1993 Painting oil
Nocturnal Reflections #1 1993 Photography cibachrome print
Northern Lights 1993 Graphics acrylic, pastel, and graphite
Notation from "Shorthand as a Means of Mental Culture" 1993 Photography gelatin silver print and color coupler prints
O. K. 1993 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, rutilated quartz, and wiggle picture
Odyssey Series/Mad Hatter Tea Set #7 1993 Ceramics earthenware
Ontario 1993 Graphics Etching
Partially Leaded II 1993 Sculpture aluminized steel and lead
Pierced Armor 1993 Sculpture mixed media
Portrait of Kim Montenegro 1993 Painting oil
Protection 1993 Photography gelatin silver print
Puerto Rico's…Five Differing Areas of Natural Vegetation 1993 Ceramics terracotta, wood, oil, and acrylic Robert Mann $1000 Award for Ceramics
Rain Eater 1993 Painting oil and ink
Raymond, Patrick, and Goats; Country Sligo, Ireland 1993 Photography gelatin silver print
Remember 1993 Photography gelatin silver print
Rhodes Reunion "53" 1993 Painting latex enamel
Rock Cabinet 1993 Other Crafts quilted maple and black walnut
Roof XV 1993 Graphics Monoprint
Room in a Monastery, Certosa, Italy 1993 Photography gelatin silver print
Scheherazade 1993 Enamel or Glass Enamel on 24K gold paillons
Self-Portrait 1993 Photography kodalith, plexiglass, mirror, and redwood
shells…distances 1993 Painting Acrylic $1,000 Award
Significance 2 1993 Graphics heat transfer print
Slotted Form: "An Important Visit" 1993 Enamel or Glass cast glass and slate $1,000 Award
Star Light, Star Bright 1993 Photography gelatin silver print
Still Life with Heart and Skull 1993 Painting mixed media
Stories from the Black Book 1993 Graphics mixed media
Storm Coming 1993 Photography hand-colored gelatin silver print
Sunset II 1993 Photography color coupler print
Survival 1993 Sculpture Mixed media $1,000 Award
Temple Series IV 1993 Painting acrylic, stain, and graphite Special Mention
The Face of Jesus (after Rouault) 1993 Painting mixed media
The Guide to Extinction 1993 Ceramics earthenware
The Joy Bringer 1993 Textiles mixed media