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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
A Brucie Landscape 1973 Painting acrylic
A Brilliant Shot 1936
A Bright Morning, Provincetown, Massachusetts 1921 Oil Painting
A bridge in Seattle 1949 Water Color
A Boy 1926 Second Prize
A bowl of fruit 1941
A Bouquet for Alice 1949 First Prize
A Bouquet 1929
A Book of Verses 1938 Batik
A Blue Feather 1954
A Blade of Grass 1929
A Bitterness of Herte 1986 Graphics Pastel Special Mention
A Bit of the Park 1920 Oil Painting
A Bit of Old Lyme 1924 Etching
A Bit of Old Cleveland 1921 Oil Painting
A bit of Old Charleston 1943 Photography: Miscellaneous
A Bit of Mexico Plate 1944 Enamel, Unique
A Bit of Cleveland 1927 Water Color
A Bit of Cleveland 1920 Oil Painting
A Bit of California 1945
A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush 1962 Oil Painting
A Bird in the Hand 1958 Glass Special Award
A Bird 1953
A Bell of Peking 1926 Illustration: Any Medium Third Prize
A Basket of Fruit 1943
A Barnyard 1937 Water Color
A Back Street at Night 1926 Third Prize
A Babbling Brook 1928
A 75 cents Laurel and Bag 1983 Graphics graphite and watercolor Special Mention
A Woman of the Sabines 1929 Third Prize
A 1945 Illustration
A 1965 Pottery and Porcelain
A 1993 Painting oil
9th Street Freak Show 1933 Illustration
9th Street 1951 Water Color
95 Days 1981 Painting oil
93 Years of Kindness 1941 Third Prize
90th Psalm--Hand Lettering 1958 Miscellaneous Handicraft
90th Psalm 1953
90-A 1957 Honorable Mention
9 pc. Yellow lunchon set 1949 Weaving, Unique
9 Patch Cancun-Puerto Punta 1984 Graphics color Xerox, ink, and graphite
8:00 A. M. 1924 Etching First Prize
88th Street, New York City 1958 Water Color (Tempera and Pastel): Landscape
83-7 1983 Sculpture stoneware
81-5/8 + 1/2 1964 Oil and Related Media
81-20 Clay Form 1982 Sculpture stoneware
81-2 1981 Ceramics stoneware
81-1 1981 Ceramics stoneware
8-A Biology 1942 Decorated Painting