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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Big Town 1990 Painting watercolor and ink
Birthing Chair 1990 Sculpture mixed media
Bladed Rubato 1990 Ceramics porcelain
Blair Willison, Apres Miserere 1990 Painting oil
Blind Faith 1990 Painting acrylic
Blue and Yellow Vase 1990 Ceramics earthenware
Blue Night 1990 Graphics mixed-media collage
Bombay Tiger in the China Closet 1990 Ceramics earthenware and painted wood
Boys 1990 Photography hand-colored gelatin silver print $1,000 Award, Herbert Ascherman, Jr., May Show Purchase Award
Bracelet #1 1990 Jewelry and Metalwork copper
Brett 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Bride and Her Bachelors 1990 Ceramics stoneware
Canyon 1990 Sculpture aluminum and copper sheets
Carlos Plus Six 1990 Photography cibachrome print
Carrousel 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Cipher 1990 Sculpture various steels and beeswax $1,000 Award
Color Permutations: Lake Erie 1990 Painting oil, bark, and plastic laminate
Consumer I 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Contents 1990 Painting oil
Contrary Theses (for Wallace Stevens) 1990 Painting egg tempera, wood, and steel
Crazy Me 1990 Textiles drinking straws and fishing line
Cream and Sugar 1990 Ceramics stoneware Robert Mann $1000 Award for Ceramics
Danza De Los Matachines 1990 Photography cibachrome print
Daphne 1990 Painting oil
Defense Mechanisms 1990 Sculpture wood
Delusions from Past Lives 1990 Photography hand-colored collaged gelatin silver print
Dependency 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Descent 1990 Painting latex and spray paint
Design Binding: Kipling's "Just So Stories" 1990 Other Crafts mixed media
Doris and Rita Babka 1990 Photography hand-colored gelatin silver print
Double Object 1990 Enamel or Glass mixed media
Dragon Vase 1990 Ceramics earthenware
Dream House 1990 Other Crafts mixed media
Dreams Forgotten, Miami Beach 1990 Photography cibachrome print
Dulcimer 1990 Other Crafts wood
Dystopia 1990 Painting mixed media
Each Man in His Time 1990 Painting oil
Earth, Water, Air, and Fire 1990 Painting acrylic
Elemental 1990 Sculpture wood and paint Special Mention
Elmers Centennial 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Empty Greeting 1990 Ceramics earthenware
Epitaph for a Rain Forest 1990 Textiles handmade paper
Fantasy Garden 1990 Painting acrylic and oil
Farmhouse Remembrance 1990 Painting Oil Special Mention
Field, Crystal Lake 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Five Easy Pieces 1990 Textiles color Xerox, cotton, and beads
Flay-O-Fish 1990 Enamel or Glass glass and mixed media
Four Figures 1990 Painting acrylic
From the Series: Clandestine Scientific Investigations/Fairytale for Ingrid 1990 Photography mixed photographic processes
Garden Table 1990 Ceramics terracotta