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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort ascending Medium Awards
Blue Plate 1982 Ceramics earthenware and wire
Camel Plate 1982 Ceramics glazed earthenware
Deco Delight No. 77 1982 Ceramics raku and lead glaze
Double Rhythm Lidded Container 1982 Ceramics stoneware
Emerging Women 1982 Ceramics porcelain
Large Platter 1982 Ceramics stoneware
Pierced Vessel 1982 Ceramics porcelain and bamboo
Red Plate 1982 Ceramics earthenware
Reservoir, 2 1982 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors
Thrown Form 1982 Ceramics stoneware
Untitled Form with Handle 1982 Ceramics raku
Vase: Jungle Rhythm 1982 Ceramics stoneware
Vessel with Bamboo Handle 1982 Ceramics porcelain and bamboo
Basket 1983 Ceramics earthenware
Bottle I 1983 Ceramics stoneware $1,000 Award
Bottle II 1983 Ceramics stoneware $1,000 Award
Box 1983 Ceramics white earthenware
Cacti Motif Vase 1983 Ceramics stoneware
Ceremonial Vessels I 1983 Ceramics porcelain
Ceremonial Vessels II 1983 Ceramics porcelain
Exeter Plate 1983 Ceramics terra cotta with glaze and luster
Extra Terrestrial Lidded Vessel 1983 Ceramics stoneware
Floor Vase 1983 Ceramics stoneware
Indiscrete Exposure 1983 Ceramics Porcelain
Jar 1983 Ceramics stoneware
Maranga I 1983 Ceramics terra cotta with black glaze Special Mention
Pink Vessel I 1983 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors
Plate 1983 Ceramics stoneware
Porcelain Canister Set 1983 Ceramics porcelain
Porcelain Vase 1983 Ceramics Porcelain
Red Bowl 1983 Ceramics earthenware
Sectional Vase: Black and White 1983 Ceramics stoneware with stains, slips, and paint
Teapot and Cups 1983 Ceramics porcelain
Torpedo Vase 1983 Ceramics stoneware
Tulip Bottle 1983 Ceramics stoneware
Untitled 1983 Ceramics earthenware
Untitled 1983 Ceramics porcelain
Vase 1983 Ceramics stoneware
Vase 1983 Ceramics white earthenware
Waiting for Kong 1983 Ceramics stoneware
Ancient Numeration Systems 1984 Ceramics stoneware
August Night 1984 Ceramics clay
Bottle (1) 1984 Ceramics stoneware
Bowl 1984 Ceramics porcelain
Cacti Metamorphosis 1984 Ceramics stoneware
Carrousel Animal #2 1984 Ceramics ceramic and acrylic
Concentric Transformation 1984 Ceramics earthenware
Covered Container 1984 Ceramics stoneware
Curves and Shadows 1984 Ceramics porcelain
For Ever More 1984 Ceramics stoneware