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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
"X2 + A2 = r" 1930
"Winnie-The-Pooh" by A. A. Milne 1935 Book Binding
"Will the Veiled Sister Pray for the Children at the Gate Who Will Not Go Away and Cannot Pray?" 1960
"Whom Shall I Love, When the Moon Has Arisen?" 1957
"Whispering Hope" 1947 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique Third Prize
"What's This World Coming To?" 1950
"What Paintings Have to Stand For"-- Apologies to Daumier 1931 Water Color
"What Are Little Boys Made Of? What Are Little Girls Made Of? 1946 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique Honorable Mention
"What Am I Offered?" 1947 Second Prize
"We Have Here but Five Loaves and Two Fishes" 1943 Honorable Mention
"Van" 1936 Freehand Drawing
"V" shaped bowl, emerald green 1946 Enamel, Unique
"Up the River at Upson's." The Flats, Cleveland 1923 First Prize
"Twas Strange," "Twas Wondrous Strange," Othello 1932
"Trumpets Loud and Clarions Bright and Gentle Soothing Flute" 1959
"Triple Fin Dibs" 1945 Drawing
"Thy Woods and Templed Hills" 1942 Water Color
"Thy People Shall Be My People" 1959
"Through the Looking Glass" by Carroll 1935 Book Binding
"Three Aspects of Man" - Intellectual 1967 Photography Juror's Mention
"Three Aspects of Man" - Emotional 1967 Photography
"There were Two of Them and They Went That-a-Way" 1952 Illustration: Any Medium Honorable Mention
"There Was Among Them an Old Man Called Joseph…" 1944 Sculpture in Wood First Prize
"The" 1967 Painting Collage Special Jury Mention
"The Wood Lot Fence" 1937
"The Untold Want, by Life and Land Ne'er Granted" 1943 Second Prize
"The Road to Thompson," South Madison, O. 1923
"The Rip-Saw," "South Madison, O. 1923
"The Jazz Series" Tea Set 1985 Painting acrylic
"The Harbour Road," Boothbay Harbour, Me. 1923
"The Farm"--plate 1936 Pottery, Unique
"The End of the Harbour," Boothbay Harbour, Me. 1923
"The Dead bury their Dead" 1923 Sculpture
"The Commonplace I Sing" 1943 Water Color First Prize
"The Butterfly Chase," Gates Mills, O. 1923 Embroidery
"That Face Was Made with Only Mimicry…" Donald Hall 1968 Painting acrylic
"Thar She Blows" 1939 Illustration Honorable Mention
"Tell us a Story, Grandpa." 1937 Second Prize
"Sweet Land of Liberty" 1942 Water Color
"Surface Beauty Shades Deadly Depths"--Hand Mirror 1979 forged sterling silver, cloissone enamel, delrin, nickel, shell, and mirror
"Spring" luncheon set (cloth) 1933 Miscellaneous Handicraft
"Spring" luncheon set (4 napkins) 1933 Miscellaneous Handicraft
"Smoky Joe" Passes Away 1933 Pastel
"Slow" Joe 1933
"Skipper" 1950 Third Prize
"Sequences #2: From the Kitchen" Bracelets 1985 Jewelry and Metalwork Mixed media Special Mention
"S" Curve 1935
"Rolli-Coaster" 1940 Ceramic Sculpture First Prize
"Quincy" Coat of Arms 1929 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
"Queen Victoria," North Scituate, Mass. 1923 Freehand Drawing