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Title Artist(s) Yearsort ascending Category Medium Awards
Willow Bud 1985 Textiles wool
Window, Air-Conditioner; Case Western Campus, Cleveland, Ohio 1985 Graphics graphite, colored pencil, and acrylic
Window/Rail; Case Western Campus, Cleveland, Ohio 1985 Graphics graphite, colored pencil, and acrylic
Winter Garden 1985 Enamel or Glass glass and metal
Winter River 1985 Textiles mixed media
With a Fork 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Yellow Coiled Pitcher 1985 Ceramics stoneware with overglazes Special Mention
Olympic Cheers 1985 Painting mixed media
Chair 1985 Other Crafts lacquered wood and cast aluminum an fabric $1,000 Award
Retirement--Florida, U. S. A. 1985 Photography infrared print
Sea Grass, S. Carolina 1985 Photography infrared print
9 Patch Cancun-Puerto Punta 1984 Graphics color Xerox, ink, and graphite
A Kiss 1984 Photography gelatin silver print
A Letter Unwritten 1984 Painting mixed media
Affective Symptoms 1984 Painting oil
Afternoon 1984 Painting ink and charcoal
Again a Situation 1984 Painting ink and acrylic
Almost All Gray 1984 Photography kodachrome/ektacolor print Special Mention
Ancient Numeration Systems 1984 Ceramics stoneware
Animated Landscape 1984 Painting watercolor
Aquatic Crucifixion 1984 Photography gelatin silver print
Architectonic Images, Continued 1984 Painting acrylic
Area Section Series--Homage to Kliun 1984 Painting acrylic
Arroyo Dolores 1984 Painting Acrylic $1,000 Award
Asfait #1 1984 Sculpture mixed media
August Night 1984 Ceramics clay
Balancing Act 1984 Sculpture mixed media
Bank Barn, Wayne County, Ohio 1984 Photography gelatin silver print
Bee Bop Bumble Boogie 1984 Sculpture painted welded steel
Before the Ball 1984 Graphics hand-colored etching Special Mention
Bernoulli Effect #2 1984 Textiles nylon webbing
Birches and House, Chautauqua 1984 Photography platinum-palladium print
Bison 1984 Sculpture wood and linoleum Special Mention
Black Queen 1984 Graphics conte, pastel, charcoal, and graphite
Blacksmith Shop 1984 Photography infrared print
Bottle (1) 1984 Ceramics stoneware
Bowl 1984 Ceramics porcelain
Boy with Geese 1984 Sculpture sandstone
Brantley 1984 Painting mixed media
Cacti Metamorphosis 1984 Ceramics stoneware
Campfire Stories 1984 Graphics pastel
Cardboard 2 1984 Photography
Carnival 1984 Enamel or Glass silver cloisonne enamel and gold paillons
Carrousel Animal #2 1984 Ceramics ceramic and acrylic
Chair, Box, Cross, Tent 1984 Sculpture steel
Chapter IX from Willa Cather's "My Antonia" 1984 Graphics sewn Xerox
Charm Necklaces 1984 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, stones, glass, ivory and coral $500 Award
Charybdis 1984 Painting mixed media
Chest of Hope 1984 Other Crafts cherry and cedar $500 Award
Circle Study #3 1984 Sculpture acrylic and canvas