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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Yellow Bowl 1934 Pottery, Unique
Yellow Bowl 1935 Pottery, Unique
Yellow Bowl 1936 Pottery 15
Yellow bowl 1941 Pottery, Unique
Yellow bowl 1943 Pottery, Unique
Yellow Bowl 1945 Pottery Honorable Mention
Yellow bowl 1949 Pottery, Unique
Yellow Bowl 1952 Pottery, Unique
Yellow Birthday 1966 Painting acrylic
Yellow Basket 1954
Yellow barn 1948 Water Color
Yellow Ash Bowl 1948 Pottery Second Prize
Yellow as the Years 1953
Yellow and white upholstery material 1952 Weaving
Yellow and Turquoise Bowl 1955
Yellow and Manganese Jar and Lid 1943 Pottery
Yellow and Green Buttons 1934 Ceramic Sculpture
Yellow and Gray Thrown Dish 1944 Pottery
Yellow and Gray Bowl 1943 Pottery
Yellow and gold place mats 1953
Yellow and Brown--Bowl 1956
Yellow and Brown Forms 1968 Sculpture wood
Yellow and brown carved jar 1939 Pottery, Unique
Yellow and Blue Bowl - unique 1935 Pottery
Yellow and black dish 1945 Enamel, Unique
Yellow and Black Bowl 1934 Enamel, Unique
Yellow and Black Bowl 1954
Yellow African Design Bowl 1927 Pottery
Yearning to Join In 1959 Photography
Ye Ole Henhouse 1944
Ye Olde Clock 1957
Ye Good Ship Doonk 1929 Illustration
Ye Gentle Folk of Old England 1924 Illustration
YCVDT90--Miracle Works 1973 Painting acrylic
YCVDT 90 Terminal Extension Unit SL-1030 1972 Painting acrylic
Yayakarwi 1989 sterling silver and micarta
Yaxuna, Stoneware Bottle 1964 Pottery and Porcelain Jury Mention
Yardbirds 1943 Water Color
Yard Retreat 1947 Water Color
Yard Entrance 1956
Yard Bird 1961 Sculpture
Yard 1956
Yankee Doodle 1944 Ceramic Sculpture
Yankee Centennial 1936
Yankee Boy 1927
Yankee Barns 1938 Water Color
Yankee 1966 Sculpture mixed media
Yakity Yak 1953
Yaddo 2 1982 Graphics oil pastel Special Mention
Yacth Basin, Ft. Lauderdale 1942 Pottery, Unique