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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Winter Sunshine 1924 Oil
Winter Sunshine, Wickliffe, Ohio 1919
Winter Sycamores 1961 Photography
Winter Symphony 1943 Second Prize
Winter Table 1968 Graphics drawing and collage
Winter Thaw 1952 Water Color
Winter Thought 1950 Water Color Honorable Mention
Winter Tones 1947 Water Color
Winter Torso 1972 Photography
Winter Tree Moss 1967 Textiles, Any Medium rya rug
Winter Trees 1956 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium Third Prize
Winter Trees 1965 Photography
Winter twilight 1945 Illustration
Winter vineyard 1940
Winter Wash 1943
Winter weary 1951 Photography: Landscape
Winter Wheat 1934 Water Color
Winter wheat jar 1951 Pottery, Unique
Winter Willow Shadows 1937
Winter Wind 1946 Water Color Special Award
Winter Window 1948 First Prize
Winter Window 1973 Graphics mixed
Winter Winds 1944 Water Color
Winter Winds, Brandywine, O. 1923 Oil Painting: Landscape
Winter Wonderland 1944 Photography: Miscellaneous
Winter's Blanket 1934 Water Color
Winter's Blanket 1931 Water Color
Winter's End 1939 Water Color First Prize
Winter's End 1942 Water Color Third Prize
Winter's End 1950
Winter's End--E. 124th St. 1946
Winter's Green 1948 Decorated Painting
Winter's Jewels 1956
Winter's Last Farewell 1948 Water Color Honorable Mention
Winter's Mantle, Along the Creek 1945
Winter's Night Storm--Flats 1957
Winter's Night, Edgewater Park, Cleveland 1921 Photography
Winter's Rest 1947
Winter's retreat 1951
Winter's slow retreat 1941 Water Color
Winter's Sorrow 1974 Photography
Winter's Tale 1949 Water Color
Winter, afternoon 1938
Winter, Brandywine, O. 1923 Oil Painting: Landscape
Winter, Capri 1934 Water Color
Winter, Cleveland 1923
Winter, Cleveland Park 1927
Winter, Gordon Park 1942
Winter, Late Afternoon 1946 Water Color
Winter, out Music Road 1941