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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Glove-Nest 1988 Graphics Graphite Special Mention
Gloves of Scarred Vessels 1988 Textiles mixed media
Guardians of Time 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Guilt Reliquary 1988 Other Crafts mixed media
Hat Trip (Diving) No. 1 1988 Graphics charcoal
Heart and Vessel (for Laurence O'Toole), 1988 1988 Sculpture iron and fiberglass Special Mention
High Spark--Animal Hazard 1988 Sculpture painted polystyrene
Highway Viewer 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Home and Church 1988 Photography cibachrome
Huiro 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and micarta inlays with scrimshaw
If I Die Before I Wake 1988 Sculpture mixed media
In Honor Of 1988 Textiles tree branch and horse hair Special Mention
In That Minute 1988 Photography gelatin silver print
In the Woods (Metaphor) 1988 Sculpture Mixed media Special Mention
Infolding No. 1: What Goes Around, Comes Around 1988 Painting acrylic and wood
Inside Out 1988 Sculpture steel and Hydrocal $500 Award
Ipswich Bay 1988 Painting oil
Jail House Rock, Wall Grille 1988 Other Crafts steel
Jelly Cove 1988 Graphics acrylic, colored pencil, and oil pastel Special Mention
Judith's Garden with Her Self-Portrait as a Scarecrow 1988 Photography
Just Like Downtown 1988 Ceramics stoneware and mixed media
Knowing Thoughts That are True 1988 Sculpture clay, wood, and paint Special Mention
Leaning on the Wind 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and nickel silver and 24K gold $1,000 Award
Lights Out 1988 Painting Gouache
Locket 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork 24K gold-plated brass and cloisonne enamel
Looking at a Hill 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and nickel silver, 24K gold, ivory, and steel
Looking into a Mirror of Ambiguity to See if He Still Existed, the Person Was Touched by an Obsession 1988 Graphite Graphite
LTV, Clay Road, No. 3 1988 Photography color print collage
Luminescence, Maine 1988 Enamel or Glass enamel and copper
Luncheon with Niece 1988 Graphics intaglio
Marbling: History and Bibliography 1988 Other Crafts mixed media
Mask of the Purifier 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork anodized aluminum
Mask 1988 Photography color Xerox collage and paint
Mayfield Heights No. 5 1988 Photography color print
Metastable II 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork patinated copper and brass
Mirage 1988 Ceramics raku
Monoliths 1988 Painting oil
Moving Out 1988 Painting acrylic and wood
Museum-Goers Vase 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Neckpiece No. 2 1988 Jewelry and Metalwork brass
Night, Under the Bridge 1988 Photography gelatin silver print
Nimes No. 12 1988 Painting acrylic
Notation 1988 Painting latex and metallic paint
OCEAN TREE Sealevel, North Carolina 1988 Photography platinum-palladium print
Old Rugged Cross 1988 Sculpture steel
On a Front Step 1988 Photography infrared gelatin silver print
One September Night 1988 Photography gelatin silver print Special Mention
Orange Spiral 1988 Textiles mixed media
Photoaquagraphy No. 1 1988 Photography gelatin silver print
Pieta 1988 Painting oil and latex