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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
Anticoli, Corrado 1924 Freehand Drawing Second Prize
Antimacassar 1921 Crocheting
Antimacassar 1924 Crocheting Third Prize
Antimacassar 1922 Crocheting First Prize
Antimacassar (194) 1921 Crocheting
Antimacassar (195) 1921 Crocheting
Antimacassar--Filet Crochet and Embroidery 1919 Lace and Crochet
Antimicassar 1920 Crocheting First Prize
Antique Chinese Pewter Lamp 1932 Miscellaneous Handicraft
Antique Copper Cigarette Box 1934 Metal Ware
Antique Copper Rumanian Vase 1934 Metal Ware
Antique Persian Oil Jar Lamp 1932 Miscellaneous Handicraft
Antique Persian Oil Jar Lamp, No. 1 1933 Miscellaneous Handicraft
Antique Persian Oil Jar Lamp, No. 2 1933 Miscellaneous Handicraft
Antique stone ring with silver 1929 Jewelry
Antique Verde, hande carved bowl 1933 Pottery
Antiques 1921 Oil Painting
Antiques 1936
Antlers 1936
Antonetta 1927 First Prize
Antonia 1924 First Prize
Aplique sham 1922 Embroidery
Apollo and Lyre Ring 1927 Jewelry
Apologies to P. B. T. (Paul B. Travis) 1935
Apothecary Shop, Lower Quebec 1938 Water Color
Apple Blossom 1929 Etching
Apple Harvest 1921 Oil Painting
Apple Orchard in December 1933 Water Color
Apple Tree 1929 Etching Second Prize
Apple Tree 1919 Etching First Prize, Penton Metal for Excellence
Apple Tree Dragon 1936 Water Color
Apple Trees 1930
Apple Trees 1935 Water Color
Apples 1936
Apples 1932
Apples and Madonna 1930 Water Color
Apples and Plums 1931 Honorable Mention
Applique and Stitchery Table Mat 1929 Embroidery
Applique bed spread 1922 Embroidery
Applique Bedspread 1924
Applique Bedspread 1922 Quilts and Bedspreads Second Prize
Applique Curtains and Valance 1920 Embroidery First Prize
Applique Pillow Cover and Bedspread 1919 Embroidery
Appliqued Quilt 1934 Miscellaneous Handicraft
Appoggiatura 1936 Lithographs
Approach of Spring 1933 Lithographs
Approach to Canal Fulton 1939 Water Color
Approaching Norther, Key West, Fla. 1939 Water Color
Approaching Shower 1928
Approaching Storm 1937 Water Color