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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
Entrance 1976 Sculpture stainless steel with lacquer Special Mention
Gateway: The Arrival 1976 Sculpture ceramic and wood Special Mention
Laid Back 1976 Sculpture Mixed media Special Mention
Mickey's Last Scene (bronze and pewter) 1976 Sculpture bronze and pewter $500 Award
Resolution #9 (welded steel) 1976 Sculpture Welded steel Special Mention
Untitled #1 1976 Sculpture cast silicon bronze Special Mention
Western Landscape #1 1976 Sculpture Bronze $500 Award
Harmonic Grid #XXVII 1977 Sculpture Cor-Ten steel $1,000 Award
Life Force of the Fields 1977 Sculpture stoneware and porcelain Special Mention
Low Relief - Bar Series #2 1977 Sculpture stainless steel with laquer Special Mention
Melancholy 1977 Sculpture balsa, lead, and silk Special Mention
Resolution #12 (welded steel) 1977 Sculpture Welded steel Special Mention
Spring Tension #3 1977 Sculpture steel rod, pipe, plate, angles, and cable
Sweet Dreams: Grand Coulee Dam Sequence (bronze, walnut, maple) 1977 Sculpture bronze, walnut, and maple Special Mention
Circle Eight 1978 Sculpture painted Cor-Ten steel Special Mention
One Man's Meat Is Another's Poissone 1978 Sculpture clay, tobacco, and rope Special Mention
Random Noise: 1, 18, 63 1978 Sculpture porcelain with underglaze colors
Resolution No. 18 1978 Sculpture Steel $1,000 Award
Trinity 1978 Sculpture wood and fiberglass $1,000 Award
33 Rhythms (Hommage to the Cyclades) 1979 Sculpture painted foamcore board $1000 award
Cosmis Womb: Passageway Between the Inner and Outer World 1979 Sculpture clay, wood, acrylic, and aluminum Special Mention
Harmonic Grid LXXVIII 1979 Sculpture bronze and polyester Special Mention
Mound Flow No. 7 1979 Sculpture steel and limestone Special Mention
Sons of the Desert - Egypt 1979 Sculpture Bronze Special Mention
The Choice 1979 Sculpture balsa and silk Special Mention
A Temple Is No Home 1980 Sculpture Mixed media Special Mention
Convergence 1980 Sculpture bronze and sand Special Mention
Island Series 2 1980 Sculpture low-fire clay Special Mention
Island Series 4 1980 Sculpture low-fire clay Special Mention
Threshold 1980 Sculpture wood and sand Special Mention
Trough 1980 Sculpture Steel $1,000 Award
Waiting for a Moment 1980 Sculpture Wood Special Mention
Apart 1981 Sculpture cement, steel, stone, rubber, and wire Special Mention
Hold 1981 Sculpture wood, straw, wire, and hair Special Mention
Standard for a Metaphysical Warrior 1981 Sculpture Mixed media Special Mention
Tower 1981 Sculpture wood and clay $1,000 Award
Wall Wave with Shadow 1981 Sculpture terra cotta on wood Special Mention
Environment #11 (earthenware) 1982 Sculpture earthenware $500 Award
Untitled I (raku) 1982 Sculpture raku $500 Award
Untitled II (raku) 1982 Sculpture raku $500 Award
Descant 1983 Sculpture cellotex Special Mention
Inter-rim 1983 Sculpture aluminum and steel Special Mention
Pictorial Participation #54 1983 Sculpture plexiglass, mirror, and aluminum Special Mention
RR-22 1983 Sculpture cast bronze $1,000 Award
Space Available 1983 Sculpture slip-cast ceramic Special Mention
Totemic Structure #21 1983 Sculpture high-fired porcelain and threaded rods Special Mention
Bison 1984 Sculpture wood and linoleum Special Mention
Fun Town 1984 Sculpture wood and steel Special Mention
A Study in Space 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Bronze Breasted Maiden 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention