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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
White Jar 1939 Pottery, Unique
White Lady 1972 Pottery and Porcelain raku Special Mention
White Lilacs 1934
White lilacs 1950
White Lilies 1930 Decorative Painting
White Lilies 1935 Third Prize
White lilies and gladioli 1941
White Machine 1956 Honorable Mention
White machine in the clouds 1954
White Mohair, Rayon, and Polyester Stole 1966 Textiles, Any Medium
White Night 1937
White Nylon and Wool Stole, Green Decorative Borders 1958 Weaving
White on Brown 1958 Enameling on Metal
White on green 1940 Pastel
White on White Fabric 1959 Printing or Dyeing on Fabric First Prize
White Onyz Pendant and Chain 1953 Jewelry Honorable Mention
White orchids 1940 Still Life
White Oxen Market in the Perugian Hills 1936 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
White Pasture 1942 Water Color
White Pastures 1940 Water Color
White pattern 1952 Pastel
White Peach 1956
White Pelican, walnut base 1952 Ceramic Sculpture
White Pine 1932 Water Color
White Pitcher 1948
White Plate 1935 Pottery, Unique
White Plate 1937 Pottery, Unique
White plate with blue decoration 1942 Pottery, Unique
White plate with flower frog 1935 Pottery
White Plate with Pink Jewels 1958 Enameling on Metal
White Plaza 1960
White Poinsettas 1950
White Poinsettas 1951 Water Color
White Poppies 1935
White Pot 1956
White Rabbit at Court 1948 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
White Rhapsody, Fruit Plate 1938 Enamel
White Roof Tops, from the Flats 1942 Water Color
White Roofs on St. Georges 1931 Water Color
White roses and Nicotinna 1942 Decorated Painting
White Rug 1971 Textiles, Any Medium linen warp, wool weft
White Sails 1951 Water Colors (Including Tempera) Honorable Mention
White Sails 1955
White Sands 1966 Photography
White Shadows 1925 Water Color
White Sheer Drapery 1959 Weaving
White shoulders, stole 1954
White Sister, No. 1 1934 Ceramic Sculpture
White Sister, No. 2 1934 Ceramic Sculpture
White Space 1951