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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort ascending Medium Awards
Random Noise: 1, 18, 63 1978 Sculpture porcelain with underglaze colors
Resolution No. 18 1978 Sculpture Steel $1,000 Award
Trinity 1978 Sculpture wood and fiberglass $1,000 Award
33 Rhythms (Hommage to the Cyclades) 1979 Sculpture painted foamcore board $1000 award
Cosmis Womb: Passageway Between the Inner and Outer World 1979 Sculpture clay, wood, acrylic, and aluminum Special Mention
Harmonic Grid LXXVIII 1979 Sculpture bronze and polyester Special Mention
Mound Flow No. 7 1979 Sculpture steel and limestone Special Mention
Sons of the Desert - Egypt 1979 Sculpture Bronze Special Mention
The Choice 1979 Sculpture balsa and silk Special Mention
A Temple Is No Home 1980 Sculpture Mixed media Special Mention
Convergence 1980 Sculpture bronze and sand Special Mention
Island Series 2 1980 Sculpture low-fire clay Special Mention
Island Series 4 1980 Sculpture low-fire clay Special Mention
Threshold 1980 Sculpture wood and sand Special Mention
Trough 1980 Sculpture Steel $1,000 Award
Waiting for a Moment 1980 Sculpture Wood Special Mention
Apart 1981 Sculpture cement, steel, stone, rubber, and wire Special Mention
Hold 1981 Sculpture wood, straw, wire, and hair Special Mention
Standard for a Metaphysical Warrior 1981 Sculpture Mixed media Special Mention
Tower 1981 Sculpture wood and clay $1,000 Award
Wall Wave with Shadow 1981 Sculpture terra cotta on wood Special Mention
Environment #11 (earthenware) 1982 Sculpture earthenware $500 Award
Untitled I (raku) 1982 Sculpture raku $500 Award
Untitled II (raku) 1982 Sculpture raku $500 Award
Descant 1983 Sculpture cellotex Special Mention
Inter-rim 1983 Sculpture aluminum and steel Special Mention
Pictorial Participation #54 1983 Sculpture plexiglass, mirror, and aluminum Special Mention
RR-22 1983 Sculpture cast bronze $1,000 Award
Space Available 1983 Sculpture slip-cast ceramic Special Mention
Totemic Structure #21 1983 Sculpture high-fired porcelain and threaded rods Special Mention
Bison 1984 Sculpture wood and linoleum Special Mention
Fun Town 1984 Sculpture wood and steel Special Mention
A Study in Space 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Bronze Breasted Maiden 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Cymbal Tree 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Dancer 1961 Sculpture
Don Quixote 1961 Sculpture
Homage to a Temporary A. K. 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Horse and Rider 1961 Sculpture
Languor 1961 Sculpture
Music Maker 1961 Sculpture
No Two Thumbprints 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Pentecost 1961 Sculpture
Presence 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Torso 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Wall Relief 1961 Sculpture Jury Mention
Angel of Death 1962 Sculpture
Emerging Figure 1962 Sculpture
Lyrebird 1962 Sculpture
Memorial for the Jewish Mothers and Children Killed during the Second World War 1962 Sculpture Jury Mention