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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Wood Coffee Table, enamel top 1933 Furniture
Wood Carving 1983 Sculpture chromed steel and wood
Wood cart 1941 Water Color
Wood Ash 1958 Pottery
Wood and Mullen 1945 Water Color
Wood and Enamel Box 1963
Woo Lam Poo 1947
Woo Hand Bag 1951 Weaving, Unique
Wonders from the Autumn Fields 1962 Water Color and Pastel
Wonderland 1955
Wonder Woman 1981 Painting latex enamel
Women--Number IV 1976 Graphics Etching
Women With Parasols 1929 Lithography Honorable Mention
Women Weeping 1975 Sculpture marble
Women Washing 1926 Oil Painting
Women Waiting 1937 Illustration
Women Sewing, Assisi 1939 Water Color
Women of the Claddagh 1931 Water Color
Women of Jericho 1958
Women of Connaught 1930
Women and the River 1935 Water Color
Women and Children, Belgian Congo 1933
Women 1969 Sculpture marble
Wombs That Bear Sorrow 1962 Oil Painting Jury Mention
Womanchild 1962 Drawing
Woman--Stoneware Garden Sculpture 1957
Woman, Shadow, and Moonlight 1959
Woman's Collage Arch and Church of the Covenant 1923 Freehand Drawing
Woman with the Jar 1955 Honorable Mention
Woman with the Dove 1956 Ceramic Sculpture Third Prize
Woman with Sunflower 1957
Woman with Red Head Cloth, Italy 1923
Woman with Purple Gloves 1955
Woman with Dog 1958
Woman with Cup 1983 Graphics pastel
Woman with Composition 1966 Painting oil
Woman with Child 1948
Woman with Birds 1960 Freehand Drawing: Any Medium Including Pastel
Woman with a Flowered Hat 1957
Woman Seated 1928 Models or Finished Work for Sculpture in Marble or Bronze First Prize (for figure)
Woman Reading 1928 Water Color
Woman on Trash Can 1959 Photography
Woman of the Mountain 1973 Sculpture cast bronze
Woman of Nazareth 1955 Ceramic Sculpture Second Prize
Woman of Janitzia, Mexico 1943 Illustration
Woman in Rosewood 1934 Sculpture in Wood
Woman in Plaid 1941 First Prize
Woman Gate 1978 Painting acrylic
Woman Dressing 1964 Drawing
Woman Combing Her Hair 1929 Lithography Honorable Mention