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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
House on the Hill 1934
Geraniums 1948
November Evening, Kirtland 1927 Water Color
Old Quebec 1954
Renovized--1932 1933 Third Prize
The Golden Hour, Gates Mills 1923
A September Morning, Monhegan 1926 Oil Painting
Under the Bridge 1926 Oil Painting Second Prize
Catalogue for The Rubay Company 1919 Commercial Design
Monhegan Fisherman 1943
In Port 1927 Second Prize
Lobster Houses 1948
October in the Valley of Shenandoah 1921 Oil Painting
On the Road to Gaspe 1955
Saturday Night on Monhegan 1939
The Harbor 1926 Oil Painting
A Still Life 1929 Water Color
Vermont Hills 1926 Oil Painting
Catalogue for The White Company 1919 Commercial Design First Prize, Penton Medal for Excellence
The Home Front 1943
In the Lee of Manana 1928
Monhegan Light 1948
October, Jefferson, Maryland 1920 Oil Painting Third Prize, Landscape
Path to the Woods 1955
Scoville Avenue 1934 Water Color
The Harvest 1936 Second Prize
A Yard of Leaves 1929 Water Color
Village on the Mohawk Trail 1931
Waiting for the Tide 1939
Central Furnace, Cleveland 1919
Across the Road 1944
January Zoar, Ohio 1920 Oil Painting
Edge of Ravine 1949
October, Pownal, Vermont 1923
Fisherman's Beach, Monhegan Island 1956
September Afternoon, Kirtland 1923
The Hay Field 1939
After the Rain (Menemsha) 1938
Where Coal and Iron Meet 1933 Relief Cuts, Woodcuts, Linoleum Cuts Second Prize
Corn Hill 1937
High Tide 1945
Kentucky Hillside 1936
New England Fishermen 1949
Of Other Days 1931
Lifting Fog, Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia 1956
Sign of Spring 1933
The Last Snow 1930 Water Color
After the Snow Storm 1926 Second Prize
White Head, Monhegan 1928
Down the Lane 1927