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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Plate, Antique Jade 1943 Pottery
Plate, Antique Turquoise, Green 1943 Pottery
Plate, Aqua Blend 1944 Pottery
Plate, Blue-Violet Granite 1939 Pottery Honorable Mention
Plate, Carved, Iron-Red Mottled, Glazed 1941 Pottery Honorable Mention
Plate, cerulean blue, azure rim 1948 Pottery, Unique
Plate, English Lavender and Old Lace 1944 Pottery Third Prize
Plate, gray matte glaze 1937 Pottery, Unique
Plate, Mexican Jade 1944 Pottery Third Prize
Plate, November Wood 1945 Pottery, Unique
Plate, Pacific Conquest 1945 Pottery, Unique
Plate, peacock blue crystalline glaze, leaf spiral 1948 Pottery, Unique
Plate, Snowflake Glazed 1943 Pottery
Plate, Spring willows 1946 Pottery, Unique
Plate, Uranium rays 1946 Pottery, Unique
Plate--blue and white enamel 1934 Pottery
Plate--blue lace and jewelled medallion 1947 Pottery, Unique
Plate--blue leaves under ivory glaze 1934 Pottery
Plate--ceramic filigree 1947 Pottery, Unique
Plate--Marigolds 1947 Pottery, Unique
Plate: Fern Leaf 1952 Enamel, Unique
Plate: Wind Blown Wheat 1952 Enamel, Unique
Plum Glazed Vase 1936 Pottery
Prussian Blue Radiance 1954
Red Vase 1939 Pottery, Unique
Salad Bowl in Decorative Bands 1933 Pottery
Salad Bowl, Black Swan in Water Lillies 1933 Pottery
Salad bowl, lapis and turquoise blend 1946 Pottery, Unique
Salad bowl, Persian blue 1946 Pottery, Unique
Sapphire Blue Bowl, White Lined 1938 Pottery
Sapphire Blue, hand-thrown bowl 1936 Pottery
Small Plate No. 3 1955
Small Plate, No. 1 1955
Small Plate, No. 2 1955
Sweets Jar--oak leaves 1947 Pottery, Unique
Tri-foot bowl, Chinese modern 1942 Pottery, Unique
Turquoise Blue Decorative Vase, hand thrown 1936 Pottery
Turquoise Bowl with copper accents, handthrown and finished 1935 Pottery
Turquoise Petals 1953 Unknown
Vase 1934 Pottery
Vase, carved shell pink crackle 1941 Pottery, Unique
Vase, citron yellow glaze 1941 Pottery, Unique
Vase, Citron Yellows 1945 Pottery, Unique
Vase, Citron Yellows 1945 Pottery, Unique
Vase, old white crackle 1940 Pottery
Victory plate 1945 Pottery, Unique
Wheel of Fortune 1954