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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
The Connubial Serpents 1978 Enameling & Glass cloisonne enamel, silver, and gilder's metal
Devotion 1979 Enamel or Glass pierced plique-a-jour enamel on copper
Humble Turtle in Royal Garb 1980 Enamel or Glass transparent enamel on 24K gold paillons
Jardinage 1982 Enamel or Glass silver cloisonne with gilder's metal
Carnival 1984 Enamel or Glass silver cloisonne enamel and gold paillons
Energy 1985 Enamel or Glass limoges enamel
Europe Revised 1986 Enamel or Glass silver cloisonne enamel
Migration 1987 Enamel or Glass silver paillons
Sapphire Box 1988 Enamel or Glass fine silver and enamel
Ruby and Gold Bibelot 1990 Enamel or Glass enamel and gold foil
Scheherazade 1993 Enamel or Glass Enamel on 24K gold paillons
Luna Vista: Reduction Oxidation Plique-a-jour 1976 Enameling & Glass Enamel Horace E. Potter Memorial Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship