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Title Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awardssort descending
Nubian Plate 1938 Pottery
Barn at Sundown 1934 Water Color
Bowl: deep green and white 1949 Pottery, Unique
The Light from Above 1943 Water Color
Nautical Symphony 1940 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Pan 1939 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Bend in the River 1932 Water Color
Dish: green crackle fruit 1949 Pottery, Unique
Victory Gardener 1943 Ceramic Sculpture
Ordinance Island, St. Georges, Bermuda 1940 Water Color
Petal Vase 1937 Pottery, Unique
Beyond the Bridge 1934 Water Color
Now comes autumn 1949 Water Color
Deep Dish with Decoration 1944 Pottery, Unique
Punch bowl, the Hunt 1940 Pottery, Unique
Big Tree and Little Log House 1934 Water Color
Plate: brown reticulated glaze 1949 Pottery, Unique
Grey Ribbed Vase 1944 Pottery, Unique
Red bisque vase 1940 Pottery, Unique
Portrait of a House 1934 Water Color
Black Engobe Vase 1938 Pottery
Plate: coral and green 1949 Pottery, Unique
Plate with Electron Orbits 1944 Pottery, Unique
Raspberry Vase 1944 Pottery, Unique
Steeples by Moonlight 1940 Water Color
Raring to Go 1928 Water Color
Bolivar Rd. and Prospect 1926 Oil Painting
Plate: green with linear maze 1949 Pottery, Unique
Reminder of the Past 1944 Water Color
Swan plate 1940 Pottery, Unique
Red Barns 1937 Water Color
Cattails and Wine 1930
Vase: hand thrown double wall 1949 Pottery, Unique
Water Pitcher 1944 Pottery, Unique
At twilight they stare 1941 Water Color
Ribbed Chartreuse Vase 1938 Pottery
Celestial and Terestial Heat 1931 Water Color
Vase: pierced design 1949 Pottery, Unique
Conference Camp, Estes Park, Colorado 1945 Water Color
Flat plate, wall plaque 1941 Pottery, Unique
Rocky River Valley 1927 Water Color
Chartreuse Plate, with Border 1938 Pottery
Lady Demure 1946 Ceramic Sculpture
Euclidian Geometry 1945 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Fruit bowl 1941 Pottery, Unique
Rural Cubicles 1939 Water Color
Church at Matanzas 1929 Water Color
To Market! To Market! 1947 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Oriental Rolly Coaster 1945 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Off the main line 1941 Water Color