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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Reticulated vase, Blue Heaven 1950 Pottery, Unique
Ribbed Chartreuse Vase 1938 Pottery
Road thru the village 1941 Water Color
Roads in Estes Park, Colorado 1945 Water Color
Rocky River Valley 1927 Water Color
Rural Cubicles 1939 Water Color
Rural Trinity 1936 Water Color
Rust bowl with white flower 1941 Pottery, Unique
Senility 1936 Water Color
Serving Dish with Red Accents 1943 Pottery
Shanty Boats on the Ohio 1933 Water Color
Small decorated jar 1942 Pottery, Unique
Species Platyberix 1954
Spring 1933 Water Color
Spring's Nakedness 1929 Water Color
St. Peters Church, St. Georges, Bermuda 1938 Water Color
Stacks of Wheat 1933 First Prize
Steeples by Moonlight 1940 Water Color
Stoneware bowl, iron glaze 1952 Pottery, Unique
Stoneware dish, ash glaze 1952 Pottery, Unique
Stoneware dish, iron glaze 1952 Pottery, Unique
Stoneware jar, copper glaze 1952 Pottery, Unique
Stoneware plate with bichromate glaze 1950 Pottery, Unique
Stoneware vase--ash glaze 1953
Stoneware vase--dirty rose 1953
Street in Alexandria 1931 Water Color
Study in Contrast 1952 Water Color
Sundown 1932 Water Color
Swan plate 1940 Pottery, Unique
Table dish and base, inverted base used as a flower holder 1941 Pottery, Unique
Tall, Stark, and Lean 1935 Water Color Third Prize
Terra Cotta Jar 1943 Pottery
The Corner House 1943 Water Color Honorable Mention
The Flats 1930
The Gatehouse 1938 Water Color Honorable Mention
The Harbor 1933
The Harbor, St. Georges 1946 Water Color
The Light from Above 1943 Water Color
The Lilac Bush 1935 Water Color
To Market! To Market! 1947 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Turquoise and black plate 1939 Pottery, Unique
Turquoise and black vase 1946 Pottery, Unique
Turquoise bowl with scraffito décor 1950 Pottery, Unique
Turquoise vase 1948 Pottery, Unique
Turquoise vase with white neck 1942 Pottery, Unique
Vase, Blue and Brown 1945 Pottery, Unique
Vase, Red and Tan 1945 Pottery, Unique
Vase, Sahara Oasis 1941 Pottery, Unique
Vase, Spiral 1945 Pottery, Unique
Vase, story of life 1941 Pottery, Unique