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Title Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awardssort descending
Industry 1931 Water Color
Doodles on Stoneware Plate 1953
Main Highway Into Taos 1947 Water Color
Accents on a Theme of Moonlight 1943 Water Color
Turquoise and black plate 1939 Pottery, Unique
Landmarks of Cleveland, Rockefeller Bldg. 1936 Illustration
Porcelain Bottle 1953
Plate 1947 Pottery, Unique
Chartreuse Vase with Bisque Neck 1943 Pottery
Village Near Madrid 1926 Water Color
Late Afternoon 1937 Water Color
Stoneware vase--ash glaze 1953
A top the Hill at Laguna 1948 Water Color
Water Tower 1935 Water Color
Leaning Tree 1934 Drawing
Stoneware vase--dirty rose 1953
Arizona Desrt 1948 Water Color
Greenish Vase with Relief Design 1943 Pottery
Writhing Rythme 1931 Water Color
Melancholy Homestead 1936 Water Color
Earthy Green Vase 1954
Black engobe dish with grog filled body 1948 Pottery, Unique
Grey-green Vase 1943 Pottery
Yellow punch bowl 1939 Pottery, Unique
Morning at Pigeon's Cove 1932 Water Color
Species Platyberix 1954
Black engobe vase 1948 Pottery, Unique
Serving Dish with Red Accents 1943 Pottery
Candy bowl with plastic cover 1940 Pottery
Morning Sun 1931 Water Color
Peppered Green Bowl 1957
Amiens, France 1925 Water Color
Blue vase with raised pattern 1948 Pottery, Unique
Terra Cotta Jar 1943 Pottery
Cloudy with light rain 1940 Water Color
Hobnail vase 1940 Pottery, Unique
Morning Sunlight 1931
Reflected and Secular Light 1957
An Autumn Mood 1935 Water Color
Turquoise vase 1948 Pottery, Unique
Nubian Plate 1938 Pottery
Barn at Sundown 1934 Water Color
Bowl: deep green and white 1949 Pottery, Unique
The Light from Above 1943 Water Color
Nautical Symphony 1940 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Pan 1939 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Bend in the River 1932 Water Color
Dish: green crackle fruit 1949 Pottery, Unique
Victory Gardener 1943 Ceramic Sculpture
Stacks of Wheat 1933 First Prize