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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Lady Demure 1946 Ceramic Sculpture
Industry 1931 Water Color
Hobnail vase 1940 Pottery, Unique
Haunted House 1927 Water Color
Gypsy Quarters, Granada 1925 Water Color
Grey-green Vase 1943 Pottery
Grey Ribbed Vase 1944 Pottery, Unique
Greenish Vase with Relief Design 1943 Pottery
Green and Copper Vase 1938 Pottery
Grain Elevators 1933 Water Color
Gables 1934 Water Color
Fruit bowl 1941 Pottery, Unique
Flat plate, wall plaque 1941 Pottery, Unique
Field's Corners 1943 Water Color Honorable Mention
Ferry Landing, New Martinsville 1935
Farm on the Hill 1932 Oil Painting Honorable Mention
Farm Geometrics 1937 Water Color Honorable Mention
Fairport Light House 1939 Water Color
Euclidian Geometry 1945 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
End of the Viaduct 1933 Water Color
Ely Homestead, Elyria 1935 Water Color
Earthy Green Vase 1954
Earthenware vase, Deep Sea 1950 Pottery, Unique
Down by the Farm 1937 Water Color Honorable Mention
Doodles on Stoneware Plate 1953
Dish: green crackle fruit 1949 Pottery, Unique
Dish 1951 Pottery, Unique
Deep Dish with Decoration 1944 Pottery, Unique
Decorative Tile, No. 2 1946 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium, Unique Second Prize
Decorative Tile, No. 1 1946 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium, Unique Second Prize
Decorative Painting, Design for Stage Setting 1924 Decorative Painting
Decay 1952 Water Color
Dark vase with engobe neck 1942 Pottery, Unique
Daffodils 1936
Continental divide thru New Mexico 1947 Water Color
Conference Camp, Estes Park, Colorado 1945 Water Color
Cloudy with light rain 1940 Water Color
Church at Matanzas 1929 Water Color
Chartreuse Vase with Bisque Neck 1943 Pottery
Chartreuse Plate, with Border 1938 Pottery
Celestial and Terestial Heat 1931 Water Color
Cattails and Wine 1930
Candy bowl with plastic cover 1940 Pottery
Bowl: deep green and white 1949 Pottery, Unique
Bowl with rolled rim 1947 Pottery, Unique
Bowl 1951 Pottery, Unique
Bolivar Rd. and Prospect 1926 Oil Painting
Blue vase with raised pattern 1948 Pottery, Unique
Black engobe vase 1948 Pottery, Unique
Black Engobe Vase 1938 Pottery