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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Abandoned Adobe at Sundown 1950 Water Color
Angel, Mahogany 1948
Buddhist Priest 1952 Sculpture in Wood, Unique
Calves in the barn 1949 Water Color
Cat 1962 Sculpture
Covered Bridge, Eagleville 1957
Cow 1960 Sculpture: Any Medium including Glass and Ceramic
Crayfish 1958
Cuyahoga Valley 1948 Water Color
Dark Cornish Cock 1937 Freehand Drawing
Deserted Ranch, El Torro, California 1958 Water Color (Tempera and Pastel): Landscape
Fishing Shack 1953
Floating Wharf 1947 Water Color
Goose Rocks Beach, Maine 1946 Water Color
Indiana Valley, early morning 1949 Water Color
Kauai, Hawaii 1955
Lobster House, Turbit's Creek 1946 Water Color
Low Tide 1947 Water Color
Low Tide, Porpoise Beach 1946 Water Color
Meeting place 1949 Illustration
Modern Buddha 1945 Sculpture in Wood
Morning Fog on the Ohio 1950 Water Color
Morning Mist 1953
Pasture in August 1937 Water Color
Praying angel (black walnut) 1941
Preying Mantis 1956
Quail in Snow 1959
Rice Field, Hanalei Bay 1954 Illustration: Any Medium Third Prize
Seated Arhat 1949 Sculpture in Wood Honorable Mention
Shipbuilding yard, Kentucky 1949 Water Color
Silver Mist 1958 Water Color (Tempera and Pastel): Landscape
Sleepy Pig 1952 Water Color
Stranded boat 1947 Water Color
Sugar House in Summer 1937 Water Color
Sunlight and shade 1947 Water Color
The Black Mesa 1951 Water Color
The Blue Pacific, Newport Beach 1958 Water Color (Tempera and Pastel): Landscape
The End of Fall 1957
The Garden of the Gods 1951 Water Color
Turtle 1938
White Horse 1955