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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Sterling Silver Leaf Dish 1948 Silver, Unique
Sterling silver pin 1945 Jewelry
Sterling Silver Pin: Stylized Blossom 1951 Jewelry Second Prize
Sterling silver poppy bracelet 1945 Jewelry
Sterling silver poppy earrings 1945 Jewelry
Sterling silver poppy pin 1945 Jewelry
Sterling silver red onyx brooch 1942 Jewelry, Unique
Sterling silver scroll earrings 1942 Jewelry
Sterling Sipper and Stirrer 1958 Silverware Other Than Jewelry
Sterling Trinket Box, Cloisonne Handle 1950 Silverware Other Than Jewelry Honorable Mention
Sterling Trinket Box, Plique-a-jour Handle 1952 Silverware Other Than Jewelry, Unique Third Prize
Sterling, baby spoon and fork 1945 Silverware (Not Jewelry)
Sugar tongs 1946 Silverware (Not Jewelry)
Tea strainer 1946 Silverware (Not Jewelry)
Tea Strainer with Ebony Trim 1959 Silverware Other Than Jewelry
Tea Strainer, Sterling Silver 1960 Silverware Other Than Jewelry
Temptation, Sterling Silver Pin, Coral Beads 1956 Jewelry Honorable Mention
Tigers eye cuff links (man's) 1947 Jewelry
Turquoise Calla Lilly Lapel Pin 1942 Jewelry, Unique Second Prize
Turquoise enameled bowl and ladle 1949 Silverware (Not Jewelry), Unique
Turquoise Matrix Twin Pins 1943 Jewelry Third Prize
Turquoise Nugget Bracelet 1955
Turquoise Nugget Earrings 1955
Turquoise Underarm Bag 1940 Weaving
Turquoise, white and gold evening bag 1942 Weaving
Twisted hoop earrings, silver 1952 Jewelry
Viking Chess Set: Birka No. 2 1967 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, enamel, and elkhorn
Whale Ivory and Sterling Silver Pillbox 1966 Jewelry and Metalwork
Wide Bangle Bracelet 1947 Jewelry Honorable Mention
Wire Bangle Bracelet 1940 Jewelry Second Prize
Yellow luncheon set, "Miniature Lovers' Knot" 1945 Weaving
Zipper Bag, Turquoise and Dubonnet 1941 Weaving Honorable Mention