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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Stone Quarry 1946 Water Color Honorable Mention
Studio Party 1942 Special Award
Subsiding storm 1952 Water Color
Summer Evening 1945 First Prize
Sunny Corner 1926 Oil Painting
Superior Bridge 1924
Swamp Path 1943 Water Color
Swamp Spur 1944 Special Award
The Actress 1934
The Allegheny 1926 First Prize
The Artist 1942 Special Award
The Bay 1928
The Beach 1942 Water Color
The Bend at Corins 1944 Special Award
The Blue Table 1945 Honorable Mention
The Café 1939 Water Color
The Catacombs 1944 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
The Clown 1934
The Commuter 1945 First Prize
The Creek thru Montour 1924
The Cuyahoga in Winter 1927 Oil Painting
The Edge of Ronsevert 1936 Honorable Mention
The Farm 1939 Water Color
The Fisherman 1946 Special Award
The Foot of Center Street., The Flats, Cleveland 1923 Honorable Mention
The Forge Hammer 1925
The Go Sign 1927 Water Color
The Gray Dune 1953
The Gray Sail 1925
The Green Sea 1949
The Harbor 1925 Water Color Honorable Mention
The Harbor Fill 1947
The Hudson at Albany 1952 Water Color
The Little Bay 1950 Water Color
The Mountain Lake 1925
The Nursery 1939 Water Color
The Open Bridge 1926 Oil Painting
The Overhead 1950 Second Prize
The Park 1932
The Pie Wagon 1926 First Prize
The Popcorn Man 1931 Second Prize
The River at Wilsons Mill 1943
The Sawmill 1946 Special Award
The Search Begins 1947 First Prize
The Shops 1924 First Prize
The Storm, Bermuda 1930
The Swamp Reclaims 1946 Special Award
The Tracks at Truro 1946 Special Award
The Village in Winter 1924
The Watchman 1943