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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
"Up the River at Upson's." The Flats, Cleveland 1923 First Prize
Wellfleet 1949 Water Color
Coverts 1941 Water Color
Dark Town, Moonlight 1933 Honorable Mention
Open Pit Mine 1951 First Prize
Evening at Home 1943
Landscape, No. 3 1933 Water Color
Early Shift 1953
The Catacombs 1944 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
Road to Willoughby 1938 Water Color
The Sawmill 1946 Special Award
The Creek thru Montour 1924
Kilns at Storm King 1948 Water Color Honorable Mention
The Storm, Bermuda 1930
A Back Street at Night 1926 Third Prize
Above the Hudson 1950 Water Color First Prize
Hog Slaughter 1941 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
Darktown 1933
Tobacco, Tin, and Whitewash 1951 Water Colors (Including Tempera) Honorable Mention
Feed, Grain, Coal, Oil 1943 First Prize
Late Afternoon 1922
Mess Tents 1953
Lewis Hollow 1945 Water Color
Sadie and Sadie's Family 1934 Water Color
The Swamp Reclaims 1946 Special Award
The Cuyahoga in Winter 1927 Oil Painting
Land's End Road 1948
The Village in Winter 1924
A Clear Day in December 1922
Back Stairs 1950 Second Prize
Lumber Mill 1941 Honorable Mention
Dry Creek Country 1936 Water Color
Emma Furnace 1928 First Prize, Industrial Cleveland
Two Vases 1951 First Prize
George Leaves Today 1943
Low Tide on the Cape 1927 Water Color
Ore and Lime 1953
Mill Creek 1945 Water Color
Shaw's Place 1938 Water Color
The Tracks at Truro 1946 Special Award
The Edge of Ronsevert 1936 Honorable Mention
Little Harbor, No. 1 1948 Water Color
The West Side, Cleveland 1923
Akron in Winter 1934 Water Color
Bend at Storm King 1950 Water Color First Prize
Old house, Bermuda 1941 Water Color
Evening 1934 Water Color
Wind, San and Sea 1951 Water Color
Millers Hill 1943 Water Color
Morning 1930 Water Color